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WP4: Health Economics

Cost implications involved in adopting different approaches to decarbonisation using a primary care budget impact model.

We will develop a budget impact model to establish baseline costs and resource usage for general practices under a ‘business as usual’ scenario, under different categories of activity that contributes to carbon emissions (e.g., energy utilisation, asthma prescribing, travel, consumables). A practice-specific budget impact model will be developed for each of the 12 participating case study practices , populated with their own baseline data. Scenarios of different interventions that could be undertaken will be applied, and used to provide each practice with information on areas where changes can be made, and the resulting cost implications over a 12-month period.

At the end of the year, data collected from each practice on any changes made will be inputted into the budget impact model to show how activity and associated costs have changed.

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Dr Ana Raquel Nunes

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