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Travel Bookings

Considerations before you travel

Please refer to the University's Insurance Services page for the most up to date guidance and requirements for overseas travel.
  • Ensure you have checked all relevant passport and visa entry requirements before confirming any travel plans. The University's travel supplier Key Travel can organise visas.
  • Remember to check for any vaccinations you may need. For guidance on health, safety & security overseas please refer to the University's Health & Safety pages.
  • Get pre-trip guidance from GOV.UK - Foreign Travel Checklist

KEY TRAVEL is the approved travel agent. Tel: 0161 819 9812 - Email:

It is a requirement that Key Travel is used to book travel:

  • All overseas travel and accommodation, irrespective of value.
  • Travel and accommodation within the UK with a value greater than £500.
  • It is recommended that Key Travel is also used for lower value UK trips, however, it is not mandatory and staff may choose to arrange their own travel. Guidance on claiming travel expenses and current allowances can be found here.
  • Download the Key Travel Mobile app
How to book travel

You can find your own travel itinerary on Key Travel, or request support from a Unit Coordinator for the entirety of your booking. Complete the booking request form if your travel is to be booked by a Unit Coordinator.
  1. Please make sure you have a valid cost code; check with the budget-holder that there is sufficient budget.
  2. Complete a pre-travel risk assessment and review guidance.
  3. Use Key Travel's online booking platform to find the flight/hotel/train/Eurostar you want. Contact your research administrator or Unit Coordinator if you do not have access to the online portal.
  4. Copy the details into a Word document. A quote for the travel booking will need to be generated to upload on the OPeRA order.
  5. Admin support should raise a Purchase Order ("PO") in OPeRA, attaching the proposed itinerary details and risk assessment.
  6. Once approved, use the PO number to book travel via Key Travel's online portal.
  7. For more complex itineraries please liaise with the agency directly and/or with your admin support.

Car Hire


To book a prepaid taxi, telephone the taxi company for a quote and then raise a PO on OPeRA with the quote and costcode.

Approved Taxi firms are: Trinity Taxis and Brookline Cars 

Further information on travelling by taxi can be found here.