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Global health is a key area of interest for researchers at Warwick Medical School. Through their work, our researchers are aiming to improve the health of people living in slums, improve the lives of people in India affected by psychosis, and prevent gestational diabetes in Pakisan - among many other projects.



Find out more about our multi-million pound funding to improve the health of some of the world’s poorest people.

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Health Economics


Global projects run by our Health Economics group seek to improve health and health care around the globe. For example, the Slum Health Care project is trying to determine the best ways of delivering healthcare to people living in the slums of Africa and Asia.

Warwick Centre for Global Health


The Warwick Centre for Global Health works in the area of improving health in slums through its NIHR Global Health Research Unit, which looks at access to healthcare services for people who live in slums across Africa and Asia.

Mental Health & Wellbeing


The Mental Health and Wellbeing team work on applying digital technologies to global health through its work with the NIHR Global Warwick India Canada Network to improve outcomes of psychosis.