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Intervening through general practice to prevent the detrimental effects of bullying in childhood




Bullying in childhood is under-recognised as a cause of significant distress that affects physical and mental health, social relationships and school achievement. This may lead to increased health needs and contact with health care professionals. Here at Warwick Medical School researchers are seeking new ways of helping to address the needs of bullied children and their families. As part of this research we are interested in the views of parents about whether they would feel comfortable in their child being asked about bullying when they attend the GP, and whether you believe GPs should play a greater role in helping to address the detrimental effects of bullying. Please could you answer the questions below.


If you are currently concerned that your child is being bullied and need further help, the organisations shown below can provide information and support. Please click on the logos and it will take you directly to the site.
Yes No Unsure
Has your child ever been bullied?
School Outside school Cyber Emotional Physical Psychological Other
If you answered yes to question 1 what type of bullying was it? (you may choose more than one option)
Yes No
Was your child 16 years or younger?
Yes very important Yes quite important Not sure No not very important No not important at all
Do you think it is important that GPs should be better able to recognise and help young people who are being affected by bullying?
Positive – would expect child to share answers with me Positive – would not expect child to share answers with me Unsure Negative – don’t think this is appropriate Other
How would you feel if your child was asked to complete a questionnaire while in the doctor’s waiting room which covered questions about their current health including their experience of being bullied?
Yes definitely Yes maybe Not sure No probably not No definitely not
If your child was being bullied do you think they would report this during a visit with a doctor if asked?
A school problem A health problem Neither Other
Do you see bullying as (you may choose more than one option)
Yes GP helpful Yes GP not helpful No No not yet but I am considering it
Have you ever discussed with a GP any incidents of bullying of your child and its consequences?
* indicates a required field

Privacy statement

The information you have disclosed will not be passed onto anyone other than the research team and will be kept confidential and anonymous at all times. Your email address will only be used to contact you in regards to taking part in our project and will not be passed on to any other person
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