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Biomedical Sciences projects

Applicants must select their project of interest and apply online selecting one of the following course codes:

MPhil/PhD in Medical Sciences (RMDA-A34P)
MPhil/PhD in Medicine (RMDA-A31P)
PhD in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research (RMDA-B92K)
MD in Medicine (RMDA-A33P)
MSc by Research in Medical Sciences (RMDA-A35P)
MSc by Research in Medicine (RMDA-A32P)
*PhD by Published Work (RMDA-B91P)

No suitable Projects?

If none of the projects available are suitable, you should apporach one of the approved supervisors and develop a project together. The supervisor will then need to get the project approved by the Research Degrees Team to allow you to apply directly to the aprooved project. The list of approved supervisors and their research interests can be found here: 

*Please note that applicants apply for the PhD by Published Work do not have to specify a project but must identify a mentor from the approved list of supervisors.