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Jamie Friel

Research interests

I am a PhD student under the supervision of Dr Animesh Datta. I completed my undergraduate masters studies at Aberystwyth university. During my final year I undertook projects in "Entropic uncertainty relations and quantum cryptography" with Prof. John Gough and "Hamiltonian purification and the quantum Zeno effect" with Dr Daniel Burgarth (who is currently my 2nd supervisor).

I am part of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Diamond Science and Technology where I completed my masters in diamond science and technology. As part of this masters I undertook two research projects. The first "Investigating the Viability of an NV Ensemble for AFC Quantum Memory" under the supervision of Dr Josh Nunn and the second on "Estimation on a spin chain: beating the classical limit" with Dr Daniel Burgarth.

As a PhD student my main interests are in the field of quantum enhanced multi-parameter estimation and quantum control theory. More specifically, what are the best states for estimating the three components of a magnetic field and how do we generate those states with NV- centers?

Current projects

  1. The Holevo Cramer-Rao Bound (HCRB)
    • The HCRB gives us the tightest attainable bound for the variance of an estimator. It had previously been overlooked in the multi-parameter estimation literature because of its perceived difficulty in calculation. This is true analytically, however we have shown that the bound is an SDP which brings the numerical barriers down. I use this bound to gain new insights which were previously missed by the quantum Fisher information.
  2. Optimisation of multi-dimensional field estimation
    • The optimisation of input states for multi-dimensional field sensing is a numerically very challenging problem. I am developing heuristic based algorithms as well as analytics (when possible) in order to define a classes of states which are optimal for magnetic field estimation in the presence of noise.
  3. Estimation on a spin chain
    • When we have a spin chain with control on only the first cite I am interested in estimating an external magnetic field by manipulating the state of the first cite only. The question of how well we can estimate a magnetic field becomes particularly interesting when the Lie algebra induced by our chain and control is non-universal.


  1. Evaluating the Holevo Cramer-Rao bound for multi-parameter quantum metrology
    F Albarelli, JF Friel, A Datta: arXiv preprint:1906.05724


  1. 2nd year electronics demonstrator (regulated AC to DC converter), 2017–
  2. 1st year electronics demonstrator (various, op amps, logic gates, transistors etc), 2017–
  3. 1st year mathematics assignment help desk (Aberystwyth) 2015–16


  • MSc- Diamond science and technology, merit (physics, as part of DST CDT)
  • MMath- Mathematics, 1st (hons)

picture of me (winning golders green blitz chess tournament-third division)

Email: j dot friel at warwick dot ac dot uk

ORCiD: orcid

Git Hub: github

Google Scholar: scholar

Personal site:

Office: PS131

Address: Department of Physics, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL