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Theory Group Lunchtime Seminars

Scheduled seminars are listed below.

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Thu 23 May, '19
Theory Seminar: Alessio Serafini (UCL), The limits of quantum control
Thu 30 May, '19
Theory Seminar: Miha Ravnik (Ljubljana), tba
Thu 6 Jun, '19
Theory Seminar: Amin Doostmohammadi (Oxford), tba
Thu 13 Jun, '19
TCM Meeting
L3, Chemistry Concourse

11:00 tab
11:50 tba
13:40 tba
14:30 Posters
16:10 tba

Thu 20 Jun, '19
Theory Seminar: 2nd Year PhD Talks

20 minutes presentations from 2nd year PhD students in Theory Group on their ongoing research.