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Temporary Withdrawal

To temporarily withdraw from your course you will have to prove to the University that you cannot devote the required time to the course for a significant period. This effectively "stops the clock" until you are able to resume your studies. You then re-enrol for the remainder of your registration period. Please note that you are liable to fee increases in line with the fees set for the academic year in which you return.

If you are granted a temporary withdrawal, you are deemed to be withdrawn from the University and nothing you do during this period will count towards your qualification.

For more information on Temporary Withdrawal please see the guidance from Student Records, held at

If you wish to apply for a period of temporary withdrawal, you should first discuss this with your Personal Tutor, or other relevant WMG staff before proceeding. You may also wish to contact the University's Student Support Services. Once you are sure you wish to go ahead, submit your request using Student Records On-line ensuring you alert your Programme Course Office so they know to look out for your request.

NB: The standard period of temporary withdrawal is 12 months (although this can be shorter if you have completed all modules). The University will not normally consider temporary withdrawals of longer than 12 months.

Please note that you can not temporarily withdraw from your course once you are in a period of extension.