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Post Module Assignments

Post-module Assignments (PMA – also sometimes referred to as Post module work, PMW) are designed as an educational extension to a particular module that you attended. During the module the targets are concerned with the familiarisation and the understanding of a coherent body of knowledge and the techniques of its application pertaining to some facet of manufacturing or engineering industry; the post-module assignment is to enable the student to build-up confidence in the techniques of application of this knowledge and to indicate to the tutors whether the module targets have been achieved.

A second function of the post-module assignment is its use for the continuous assessment of the course work which is credited towards the fulfilment of the requirements for the MSc. The regulations state that an MSc student must satisfactorily complete and satisfy the examiners in modules equivalent to either 90 or 120 academic units of credit subject to the course (i.e. attend fully, submit and pass all the pertaining assignments).