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Responsibilities of Supervisor

  • Provide advice and guidance to potential candidates for the project during the project selection stage
  • Maintain contact with you through regular tutorial meetings, to ensure the meetings are largely uninterrupted and to make appropriate alternative arrangements when he/she is working away from the University
  • To be accessible to you at other appropriate times when you may need advice on academic and/or personal matters
  • To inform you of when he/she will be away for any extended period of time so you may plan accordingly
  • To give guidance about the nature of research and the standard expected, about the planning of research, about literature and sources and about requisite techniques (including arranging for instruction where necessary)
  • To ensure that the correct safety procedures are followed if you are working with dangerous equipment or materials (see Labs and Safety section)
  • To give detailed advice on the necessary completion dates of successive stages of the work so that the whole may be submitted within the scheduled time
  • To make you aware of forthcoming events which would benefit your development
  • To request written work as appropriate and return such work with constructive criticism and in reasonable time
  • To ensure that you are made aware if either your progress or the standard of work is unsatisfactory and arrange any necessary supporting action
  • To submit a written report to the Programme Management on your progress in the spring and summer
  • To encourage and assist you to publish the results of your work if appropriate
  • To be willing to provide references to future employers, if requested

Please note that it is the duty of your supervisor to help you carry out research and to help you present results to your best advantage.  However it is YOUR WORK, not the supervisor’s, that will be examined and your supervisor’s agreement to the submission of your dissertation is not a guarantee that the examiners will deem it satisfactory.