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Time Management

In order to assign sufficient time and effort to your project you should allocate, on average, one week in three to it during the period that you are attending modules as a full-time student and should concentrate solely on your project for the remaining period of your registration (part-time students should allocate their time proportionally taking into account their other work commitements).  You should prepare a plan of work for your project (with the help of your supervisor) as soon as possible after it is allocated/approved taking into account module schedules, the requirement to submit post module work and (for part-time students) work commitments.


Due to the continually assessed nature of the courses it is essential that you manage your time effectively throughout the year(s).  To this end you are encouraged to plan your work schedule in a diary or calendar and adhere as closely as possible to this during your registration period.  In particular you should allocate NO MORE THAN 60 HOURS to each piece of post module work.  The time allocated to post module work must not be allowed to encroach on the time required for your project work.


The initial emphasis of the project should be to gain familiarity with the subject by carrying out a literature survey of other work done in the field.  Your Supervisor will be able to advise you of suitable reading matter.  In addition to the material provided during your Study Skills course, your Supervisor and the Library Staff will be able to advise you on carrying out an ‘On Line Computer Search’ or using the various ‘Abstracts of Journals’ for a manual search.  Papers or texts, which are identified as useful in this way, may be held in the Warwick Library stock, other local libraries or they may be borrowed through the Library's Document Supply Service (for students based at Warwick).  Each Document Supply Service request submitted  should be approved and signed by your Supervisor.  Exceptionally the request can be approved by the Projects Manager if your supervisor is not available.  Increasing sources of information are available over the Internet, but you have to beware that much of this information is not authenticated and should be treated with caution!