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WMG students awarded scholarship to attend prestigious Cyber Security Conference in USA

Congratulations are in order for six University of Warwick students, who have been awarded a scholarship to attend the 2024 Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS) conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

The students, two of which are postgraduate students studying on WMG’s MSc Cyber Security Management programme, will attend the conference between 11-13 April 2024.

Established through a National Science Foundation Grant to Tennessee Tech University in 2013, WiCYyS has grown into a premier organisation with international reach dedicated to bringing together women in cyber security from academia, research and industry to share knowledge, experience, networking and mentoring.

Picture taken by students at the 2023 Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS) conferenceThis is the third consecutive year that University of Warwick students have been awarded a scholarship to the Conference. In 2021, students at WMG at the University of Warwick formed a WiCyS Student Chapter, with 2022 marking a year of transformation and growth when six female students received an international scholarship to attend the annual conference of 1,650 attendees in the USA. This year marks another huge success, with another six students being awarded this prestigious scholarship.

Sarah Aktaa – current academic lead for WiCyS at the University of Warwick says: “The WiCyS initiative cuts across the whole university and through every level of course, from degree year 1 to Master’s level. We are really proud of how the female students have come together and expedited so much energy into the initiative – leading to another six female students receiving a fully funded scholarship to this prestigious event!”

Dr. Elzbieta Titis who supervised WiCyS Chapter last year says: “I am extremely happy and proud to see our students thriving at developing the WiSYC Chapter at Warwick as they continue forming valuable industry connections and making new friendships internationally. To many more such endeavours to materialise and memories forge at the current conference in Nashville, Tennessee!”

If you’re interested in a career in Cyber Security, take a look at the postgraduate and undergraduate courses at WMG, which are certified by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC):

MSc Cyber Security Management

MSc Cyber Security Engineering

BSc Cyber Security

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WMG graduates shine at the University of Warwick's Winter Graduation Ceremonies

Congratulations are in order for the accomplished individuals of WMG who marked a significant milestone at the University of Warwick's Winter Graduation Ceremonies this week.

A total of 1,381 Master's, Postgraduate Research and Undergraduate students graduated from across WMG.

There were 1,225 Master’s students; 1,072 were full-time, 35 part-time, and 118 studied overseas.

Twelve graduated from the Postgraduate research programme including 11 PhD students and one Master’s of Science by research student.

A total of 144 were undergraduate students; three graduated with a BSc in Cyber Security, one with a BSc in Digital Healthcare Science; two with a BEng in Automotive Engineering and the remaining 138 were Degree Apprenticeship students.

At the WMG graduation event, the alumni speeches delivered by esteemed speakers, Philomena Lavery (MSc Cyber Security and Management, 2020), and Dr. Benjamin Wood, (MEng Mechanical Engineering, 2006; EngD Engineering, 2012) were nothing short of inspiring. Their words not only resonated with wisdom but also ignited a sense of motivation and empowerment among the graduates.

Philomena Lavery, Senior Vice President Digital Security at AVEVA, and Dr. Benjamin Wood, Director, Research & Technology – Manufacturing Innovation at Hexcel Corporation, brought a unique blend of expertise and experience to the podium. Their heartfelt messages added an extra layer of significance to the celebration, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

Professor Robin Clark, Dean of WMG, said, “Congratulations to all our graduates. Your dedication and remarkable achievements have not only sculpted your academic journey but have also enriched the vibrant and innovative community here at WMG.

“I take immense pride in your accomplishments, and they stand as a testament to your resilience and commitment to excellence. I hope you continue to reach for new heights and inspire those around you now and in the future. Well done!”

Professor Steve Maggs, Director of Alumni and Industry Engagement, added: “As these graduates embark on new horizons, we celebrate their remarkable journey and commend their dedication. With a total of 1,381 Master’s, Postgraduate Research and Undergraduate students, this class not only signifies academic prowess but also adds depth to our diverse community.”

Professor Steve Maggs, further says, “At the University of Warwick, connections do not end when our students graduate; you join a community like no other. As a Warwick graduate, you become part of a global community of more than 285,000 alumni in more than 180 countries and territories, with over 29,000 of those who are WMG graduates. Wherever you are in the world, you can keep connected with the friends and networks developed during your studies and also have the opportunity to make new connections.”

Check out the WMG alumni web pages for more details:

To find out more about studying at WMG visit: Study | WMG | University of Warwick


Recent BSc Cyber Security Graduate Crowned Cyber Student of the Year at National Awards

Picture shows Sophie Powell at the National Cyber AwardsSophie Powell, a recent BSc Cyber Security graduate, has been named Cyber Student of the Year at the National Cyber Awards 2023. This recognition is a result of her inspirational work to promote gender diversity and equality within cyber security.

The prestigious National Cyber Awards, now in their fifth year, bring together cyber professionals from across public and private sectors to celebrate excellence and innovation in the UK’s cyber security industry.

Sophie has made significant contributions to education and learning in the cyber security space. Notably, she co-founded CyberWomen@Warwick in her second year at university. This initiative was launched in collaboration with the Cyber Security academic team and fellow students.

Since its inception, CyberWomen@Warwick has grown into the CyberWomen Groups Community Interest Company (CIC). The non-profit CIC, directed by Sophie, supports branches of students in different UK universities looking to spotlight the importance of diversity in STEM. It currently has four active branches, CyberWomen@Warwick, CyberWomen@Coventry, CyberWomen@Portsmouth, CyberWomen@UWE, with plans to expand in the future. Executives within each branch work directly with the CIC to set and achieve their own diversity goals and ambitions.

Reflecting on her journey with CyberWomen Groups CIC, Sophie said: “We started this company to ensure every woman in university studying Cyber Security is welcomed into a safe, inclusive environment, where they can flourish both personally and professionally. We look to provide opportunities and resources to encourage a smooth transition into the Cyber industry and create a community that welcomes everybody from different walks of life.”

Alongside Sophie’s success, two current BSc Cyber Security students, Anahitha Vijay and Oscar Williamson, were also recognised at the National Cyber Awards as finalists in the Cyber Student of the Year category.

Dr Sandy Taramonli, Assistant Professor and Course Leader for BSc Cyber Security, said: “I’m incredibly proud of our students for their remarkable achievement. It’s a clear reflection of their hard work, dedication, and the exceptional skills they’ve developed during their time with us. The support from our Cyber Security course team and our commitment to our students’ growth have been key to this success. A hearty congratulations to all, and here’s to more success in the future!”

See the full list of 2023 finalists and winners of the National Cyber Awards 2023.

Conference run by WMG students inspires and empowers women in cyber security

Picture shows the group of cyber security students who organised the conference at WMG, University of WarwickWMG students put diversity and inclusion in the spotlight at The CyberWomen Conference 2023 last month. With over 200 industry professionals, academics, and students coming together to learn, network, and collaborate, the second annual conference was a resounding success.

This year the Conference was jointly organised by two branches of CyberWomen Groups Community Interest Company (CIC), CyberWomen@Warwick and CyberWomen@Coventry. CyberWomen@Warwick is a student-led initiative, founded by staff at WMG’s Cyber Security Centre in collaboration with students on WMG’s Cyber Security undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The initiative aims to inspire more women into the cyber security industry and promote inclusivity and positive change within STEM.

The Conference welcomed cyber security experts from across the UK, including Chani Simms, Illyana Mullins, Vanessa Eyles, Janette Bonar Law, and Matt Treadwell, who shared insights and facilitated interactive workshops, providing attendees with a chance to delve deeper into the cyber security industry.

Alongside inspiring talks, the Conference also offered an Opportunities Hub to connect non-profit organisations with students and industry professionals, showcasing the diverse opportunities within the cyber security sector.

Elise Ghent, BSc Cyber Security student and President of CyberWomen@Warwick, said: “It was an amazing day, a really great turnout, and hopefully more eyes on why diversity in cyber security is important. A big thank you to everyone that attended, as well as the support that we have had along the way from so many different people.”

To keep the audience on their toes, prizes (sponsored by cyber security training platform, TryHackMe) were up for grabs through several social media competitions.

Building on the achievements of the inaugural CyberWomen@Warwick Conference, the 2023 event represents another step forward in promoting diversity, knowledge, and collaboration within the cyber security community.

Dr Elizabeth Titis, Assistant Professor and Academic Lead for CyberWomen@Warwick, said “I am extremely proud of CyberWomen@Warwick. I have been involved in this fantastic initiative from the outset and have seen it grow exponentially. This event is evidence that with appropriate support our girls can do absolutely remarkable things!

"Congratulations to all the students and staff involved who together worked on CyberWomen@Warwick to address the gender gap in cyber security by creating long lasting career choices for women."

Find out more about the CyberWomen Groups CIC.

WMG’s BSc Cyber Security receives full certification from the National Cyber Security Centre

WMG’s Cyber Security undergraduate degree has received recognition for its cutting-edge education after receiving full certification from the UKNational Cyber Security certification picture Government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

The BSc Cyber Security at the University of Warwick offers a strong foundation in cyber security principles and practical skills, allowing graduates to make meaningful contributions in organisations by safeguarding sensitive information and defending against cyberattacks.

The course is one of only nine fully-certified undergraduate degrees recognised by the NCSC. This certification can help prospective students to make better informed choices when looking for a cyber security course. Employers will also recognise the degree and will benefit from recruiting employees who have had an opportunity to develop their skills in cyber security through a course which has high-quality teaching.

The BSc Cyber Security is the third programme at WMG to gain similar national recognition; both the MSc Cyber Security Engineering and the MSc Cyber Security Management are fully certified by the NCSC.

The University is also recognised by the NCSC as an Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Education (ACE-CSE) and an Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACE-CSR). This level of recognition demonstrates Warwick’s broader commitment to excellence in cyber security education and research, both nationally and in local communities.

Dr Harjinder Lallie, Associate Professor at WMG said: “Being one of only two institutions in the UK with five NCSC certifications underlines the commitment to a world-class cyber security curriculum and associated research programme.

“The upgrade from provisional to full certification has highlighted the effort and commitment the cyber security team have made to the education we offer and helps provide confidence to incoming students as well as employers about our commitment to quality.”

NCSC Deputy Director for Cyber Growth, Chris Ensor said: “The certification of the University of Warwick’s BSc Cyber Security degree by the NCSC demonstrates our shared commitment to responsibly developing the cyber security talent pipeline.

“Offering an NCSC-certified degree helps prospective students make better informed choices about the quality of courses available, and employers can be assured that graduates will be well-taught and have valued industry skills.”

Find out more about the BSc Cyber Security undergraduate degree here:

WMG students take part in training for UK's largest cyber competition

Students at WMG took part in UK's largest cyber security competitionStudents at WMG at the University of Warwick, recently took part in training for Defence Cyber Marvel 2, Western Europe’s largest live-fire cyber exercise. The training was designed to give the students a taste of cyber competitions ahead of the main event due to take place in February.

WMG entered two teams with 21 students in total, and along with three other teams they formed part of an unofficial Blue Team. The Blue Team were faced with the challenge of defending a large network of machines with different operating systems from a Red Team.

The WMG teams had great success in the training competition, placing second and third overall.

Dr Harjinder Lallie, Discipline Group Leader for Cyber Security at WMG, University of Warwick said: “Both teams did really well and should be proud of their performance in the competition. Their approach and attitude was exceptional and acts as a testament to the exceptional students on the degree course.”

The Defence Cyber Marvel 2 training competition was a fantastic opportunity for WMG students, with the University of Warwick being the only university invited to enter.

The students have established themselves as leaders in Capture the Flag (CFT) competitions and their success at the training competition has led to some of our students being selected to take part in the main event for Defence Cyber Marvel. This is an international Blue Team competition (A Network Defence Competition) involving the best cyber defence teams within the UK and NATO. The competition will test the skills of the participants to stop potential cyber-attacks against the UK.

Here are some comments from some of the students who took part:

"We all had a lot of fun, and it was an excellent opportunity to develop blue-team experience".

“It was a great opportunity to test some of the skills and knowledge that we had learnt over the past three years, in a challenging and well-funded environment. We gained invaluable experience and hope to take part in more similar competitions in the future.”

Find out more about the WMG BSc Cyber Security here: BSc Cyber Security (

Read more about WMG’s latest cyber security news here: Latest News (

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WMG Master’s courses ranked best in the UK

Five of WMG, at the University of Warwick, Master’s courses have been recognised in the Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking 2022.

WMG’s Master’s courses in e-Business Management; Supply Chain and Logistics Management; Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Engineering Business Management retained their 2021 positions, as best in class in the UK, in their respective categories.

 In 2022, they have been joined by WMG’s Cyber Security Management Master’s programme, which ranks 1st in the UK in the newly establishedImage shows WMG Cyber Security students Cybersecurity, Systems Security and Data Protection category.

 · MSc Cyber Security Management - Number 1 in the UK and Number 2 globally in the Top 25 Master's for Cybersecurity, Systems Security and Data Protection.

 · MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Number 1 in the UK and Number 25 globally for Entrepreneurship.

 · MSc Supply Chain and Logistics Management - Number 1 in the UK and Number 29 globally for Supply Chain and Logistics

 · MSc Engineering Business Management - Number 1 in the UK and Number 3 in Western Europe for Industrial and Operations Management

 · MSc e-Business Management - Number 1 in the UK and Number 5 in Western Europe for e-Business

Dr Harjinder Lallie, Discipline Group Lead for Cyber Security at WMG, at the University of Warwick, said: “It is wonderful that the MSc Cyber Security Management degree continues to receive recognition both nationally and globally. The course has an international reputation for excellent teaching, hands on practical experiences and superb post-study employment opportunities.”

Professor Dan Nunan, Associate Dean (Postgraduate) at WMG at the University of Warwick, added: “I am delighted that our specialist Master’s courses in applied engineering, management and technology continue to be globally recognised as a leading choice for students seeking to develop their careers. In every category where WMG courses are ranked they are rated #1 in the UK, and amongst the top in the world.”

Eduniversal Group is a global leader in higher education information, providing students worldwide with the tools to find the best education opportunities. Eduniversal publishes annual rankings of the best Master's programmes in 50 fields of study, covering 154 different countries within nine geographic zones. The ranked programmes come from more than 1,800 universities and schools.

WMG offers twelve Master’s courses across management, engineering, technology and innovation, all designed to meet the needs of global industry. Find out more here: WMG (University of Warwick) Full-time Master's (MSc) Programmes

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WMG Professor announced as new Programme Director for Defence and Security at The Alan Turing Institute

Picture of Professor Tim WatsonTim Watson, WMG’s Professor of Cyber Security and the Director of the WMG Cyber Security Centre, has been named as the new Programme Director for Defence and Security at The Alan Turing Institute.

Professor Watson will lead a portfolio of work applying data science and artificial intelligence to national security, cyber security, and defence challenges, working closely with national and international partners.

He will take responsibility for the refresh and delivery of the strategy for the Institute’s Defence and Security Programme. His work will be vital in the development of a vibrant and high impact research and training programme.

Professor Watson is seconded to the Institute from his role at WMG where he has more than thirty years’ experience working with government, industry and in academia, and is an advisor to various parts of the UK Government and to several professional and standards bodies.

Professor Watson said, “I am delighted and honoured to be joining The Alan Turing Institute as its new Programme Director for Defence and Security. The role of data science and AI is more central than ever to our collective safety and security.

“It is vital that the world-class talents brought together by the Turing deliver the tools, insights and advances we need for a safer, more prosperous world. Together with the rest of the team at the Turing and with the wider research community, I look forward to contributing to this important and exciting work.”

WMG Professor helps shape House of Lords Select Committee report

Image of Professor Tim WatsonProfessor Tim Watson, Director of WMG’s Cyber Security Centre, has shared his expertise in the House of Lords Select Committee on Risk Assessment and Risk Planning report entitled ‘Preparing for Extreme Risks: Building a Resilient Society.’

Professor Watson gave evidence to the panel which was used to shape the report published on Friday 3rd December.

The Committee was appointed in October 2020 to "consider risk assessment and risk planning in the context of disruptive national hazards". Following 29 oral evidence sessions with 85 witnesses and 90 written submissions, the Committee concluded that the UK must be better at anticipating, preparing for and responding to a range of challenging risk scenarios, including those which it has never experienced before.

The report emphasises that the Government's current strategy of centralised and opaque risk assessment and risk management, which fails to make adequate preparations, has left the UK vulnerable.

The Chair of the Committee, Lord Arbuthnot, said: "Our inquiry has concluded that the UK must adopt a whole of society approach to resilience, one which emphasises the important role played by all sections of society in preparing for, adapting to and recovering from the effects of risk. Risk and resilience are not solely the concern of central Government policymakers, and since they have the capacity to alter the lives of everyone in the country, everyone needs to be involved in shaping the response to the risks that we face."

Read the report in full here:

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WMG research shortlisted for key industry tech award

Image showing WMG as a TechWorks finalist WMG’s Secure Cyber Systems Research Group has been shortlisted for a TechWorks R&D Excellence Award.

The R&D Excellence Award celebrates innovative R&D activity involving strong Industry and Academic collaboration. This category showcases world-class technology development that has the very high potential of being adopted by industry.

Professor Carsten Maple explained: “I am extremely grateful to all of the team for their huge effort and fantastic outputs. I am so pleased that their efforts have been recognised by a national awards panel.

“The awards recognise outstanding collaboration, and we have certainly made our case based upon the many successful projects, including BeARCAT, IoT-Tram, Capri and S-CAV, that we have delivered with multinational partners and SMEs.

“Being recognised as a finalist is a fantastic achievement and testimony to the hard work of everyone here at WMG.”

Winners will be announced at the TechWorks Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony on Thursday 9th December, at the Leonardo Royal Hotel London St Paul’s.

Read more about WMG’s cyber security research here: Cyber Security (

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