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Our MSc courses

Our Master's Courses

Launch, enhance or change your career

Our full-time Master's courses have been designed to meet the needs and requirements of global industry. Studying with us, you will gain a management education, with real business and industry application. We offer thirteen programmes across business, management, technology, engineering, and innovation.

Engineering Business Management

Progressive, technology-led companies are looking for people with both the practical engineering skills and the management skills to drive productivity and profitability. Designed for graduates who want to become managers or leaders of technology-based organisations


Programme and Project Management

Companies are often strategically organised through a series of projects, programmes, and portfolios, which enables them to focus clearly on specific objectives and manage resources effectively to achieve them.

Supply Chain and Logistics Management

As our global reach becomes ever more apparent, there is a need and opportunity for organisations to connect together to deliver added-value to the consumer through interlinked supply chains and efficient logistics.


e-Business Management

The ever-evolving, digital landscape is a defining feature of today’s business environment. Competence in digital activity is critical to success, be that for profitability, efficiency, customer experience, business transformation or data management and analysis.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship

New business success typically requires a rare combination of innovation, technical skills, and entrepreneurial expertise. We focus on these to increase the chances of success for your new product or service-based businesses.


International Trade, Strategy and Operations

Provides a comprehensive overview of how international companies operate and will enable you to develop a broad set of skills to increase your involvement in the whole business process.


Healthcare Operational Management

Designed to fulfil the specific needs and requirements of graduates interested in a management or leadership role within the complex healthcare service sector.


Cyber Security Management

This course will develop strategic thinkers who can understand the threat, manage resources, implement solutions, and can effectively communicate these to senior decision makers in order to support the strategic growth of a business.


Cyber Security Engineering

This MSc focuses on the technical aspects of cyber security and how these may be implemented in a multi-disciplinary way. You will learn through practical application as well as developing your abstract analytical skills.

Management for Business Excellence

With a focus on Quality and Process Improvement, this course will equip you with the leadership and decision making skills to drive sustainable excellence within any organisation.


Sustainable Automotive Electrification

Environmental legislation is driving the automotive industry to meet emissions targets. This course will give you a deep technical knowledge of the design life-cycle of low-environmental impact vehicles.

Games Engineering

This course will provide you with the technical skills and knowledge to become an expert game developer within one of the most performance-driven fields of computer science.

Digital Transformation for Healthcare

Put yourself at the forefront of digital healthcare and gain the knowledge and leadership skills to drive improvements in understanding, preventing, diagnosing, and managing patient-centred healthcare

Smart, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

With the advent of connected and autonomous vehicles on the horizon, the automotive industry in facing a huge developmental change. Lead the autonomous vehicle revolution.

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