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97-84 Silio David Aparicio and Les Clewlow
A Comparison of Alternative Methods for Hedging Exotics Options
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97-83 Leticia Veruete and Stewart Hodges
Modelling Comodity Futures Spreads: An Empirical Study
PDF(PDF Document)
97-82 Les Clewlow, Stewart Hodges, Rodrigo Martinex, Michael Selby, Chris Strickland and Xinzhong Xu
Hedging Option Position Risk: An Empirical Examination
PDF(PDF Document)
97-81 Roger Courtenay
The Potential for Profitable Stock Market Manipulation in the Presence of Positive Feedback Trading
PDF(PDF Document)
98-80 Simon Babbs and K Ben Nowman Kalman
Filtering of Generalized Vasicek Term Structure Models
PDF(PDF Document)
97-79 Luca Pappalardo
Can a Diffusion Recover a Lognormal Jump Process?
PDF(PDF Document)
97-78 Les Clewlow, Kin Pang and Chris Strickland
Numerical Procedures for Pricing Interest Rate Exotics Using Markovian Short Rate Models
PDF(PDF Document)
97-77 Silo Aparicio and Les Clewlow
American Featured Options
PDF(PDF Document)
97-76 Les Clewlow, Kin Pang and Chris Strickland
Efficienct Pricing of Caps and Swaptions in a Multi-Factor Gaussian Interest Rate Model

PDF(PDF Document)
97-75 Silio Aparicio and Les Clewlow
Hedging Barrier Options in Incomplete Markets with Transactions Costs

PDF(PDF Document)
97-74 Les Clewlow, Stewart Hodges, Kin Pang and Chris Strickland
Computational Aspects of Term Structure Models and Pricing Interest Rate Derivatives

PDF(PDF Document)
97-73 Les Clewlow, Stewart Hodges and Ana Pascoa
Mathematical Programming and Risk Management of Derivative Securities
PDF(PDF Document)
97-72 Kin Pang
Resettable Cap and Floor Pricing Formulae

PDF(PDF Document)