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Experts gather at Warwick for anniversary of controversial book

Experts will gather at the University of Warwick to mark the 20th anniversary of a controversial book which claims classical Greek culture has African roots. 
Tue 21 Oct 2008, 13:38 | Tags: Ethnic Relations, Arts, Education

Able Black Caribbean pupils less likely to be entered for higher-tier tests

Academically able Black Caribbean pupils are less likely to be entered for higher-tier maths and science tests than White children with the same achievement record, a University of Warwick study has found.
Mon 08 Sep 2008, 11:42 | Tags: Social Affairs, Ethnic Relations, Education

Online resource for ethnicity & health doubles content - NHS backs with new contract

A Specialist Library for Ethnicity & Health, operated by Warwick Medical School at the University of Warwick and De Montfort University in Leicester,  has announced two successes – in the last year it has doubled the number of research article it provides, and now the NHS is backing it with a new contract to 2011.
Mon 07 Jul 2008, 13:07 | Tags: Social Affairs, Ethnic Relations, Health and Medicine

University of Warwick Consults Community On Unique New Masters Study of Islam

The University of Warwick has been piloting a new master’s level degree in Islam In Contemporary Societies. The University is now holding a special consultation event with members of Islamic communities, employers and policy makers interested in the programme to get their views on how it can best meet their needs and expectations.
Mon 30 Jun 2008, 11:49 | Tags: Social Affairs, Regional Issues, Ethnic Relations, Education

Worrying Failure to meet challenge of South Asian patients with Type 2 diabetes

New research published in the Lancet today, Saturday 24th May 2008, has found a worrying failure of both current and enhanced GP interventions to deal with the particularly challenging effects of Type 2 diabetes on the health of South Asian patients in the UK.
Tue 27 May 2008, 11:07 | Tags: Ethnic Relations, Health and Medicine

Fear of offending ethnic minority patients leaves them over exposed to chronic illness

Researchers at the University of Warwick have found GPs and nurses often fail to ask about a patient’s ethnic origin for fear of offending them. This has led to a gap in ethnicity data collection for patients which means experts are being prevented from identifying and assisting ethnic minority patients with high risk of chronic illness.
Thu 17 Apr 2008, 14:26 | Tags: Ethnic Relations, Health and Medicine

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