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Our Networks

Mindfulness and Artificial Intelligence for Prevention of Disease Network

We want to improve public health with digital technology and mindfulness.

Obesity causes an increased risk of diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. One in four adults in the UK are obese and this is rising. The current system for treatment for obesity is not enough. We need to get involved at a population level.

Mindfulness has been used in healthcare for decades. These techniques improve our physical and mental health. For patients with obesity, mindfulness has been beneficial. For example, it has improved eating behaviour.

We are developing an AI-based mobile sensing framework. This will enable and support scalable mechanisms incorporating mindfulness concepts to transform obesity care.

To attend one of our meetings, please contact drpetrahanson at gmail dot com

Dr Thomas Barber, Warwick Medical School

Dr Rishi Caleyachetty, Warwick Medical School

Dean Howes, Centre for Life Long Learning

Dr Tanaya Guha, Department of Computer Science

Dr Arshad Jhumka, Department of Computer Science

Dr Manuel Villareal, NHS GP

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E-health applications for physical activity, sleep and circadian rhythms

We use new technology to track physical activity, sleep and circadian rhythms. Each of which is important to our health and wellbeing.

Our researchers are from many disciplines. This includes biomedical engineers, data scientists, statisticians, and psychologists.

Our work includes:

  • Healthy ageing
  • Drug delivery
  • Early diagnosis and treatment
  • Health in resource limited settings

Lead: Dr Sakari Lemola

Francesco P. Cappucio, Warwick Medical School

Dr Jerome Charmet, Warwick Manufacturing Group

Dr Robert Dallman, Warwick Medical School

Dr Mark Elliott, Warwick Manufacturing Group

Professor Barbel Finkenstadt Rand, Department of Statistics

Dr Pasquale Innominato, Warwick Medical School

Professor Andrea Isoni, Warwick Business School

Elletra Latini, Decision Research @ Warwick

Dr Sakari Lemola, Department of Psychology

Anita Lenneis, Department of Psychology

Professor Francis Levi, Warwick Medical School

Dr Michelle Miller, Warwick Medical School

Dr Leandro Pecchia, School of Engineering

Professor David Rand, Warwick Systems Biology Centre

Professor Anu Realo, Department of Psychology

Professor Judith Klein Seetharaman, Warwick Medical School

Dr Nicole Tang, Department of Psychology

Dr Lukasz Walasek, Warwick Manufacturing Group

Professor Derrick G. Watson, Department of Psychology

Professor Dieter Wolke, Department of Psychology

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Mindfulness research network

Mental health and wellbeing are important policy goals, nationally and internationally. Mindfulness can improve our mental health and wellbeing.

Our mindfulness research is cross-departmental. We aim to increase our understanding of mindfulness by bringing together experts and creating opportunities for funding applications.

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Lead: Professor Jeremy Dale

Poonam Bagga, Ophthalmology

Dr Haley Beer, Warwick Business School

Dr Jo Bramham, Professional Development

Nicola Brough, Warwick Medical School

Professor Alan Brown, Warwick Institute for Employment Research

Dr Mizaya Cader, Warwick Medical School

Dr Corina Chivu, Warwick Medical School

Márton Csörgo, Department of Philosophy

Dr Elisabeth Curling, School of Biosciences

Professor Jeremy Dale, Warwick Medical School

Jonathan Dempsey, Health, Social Care and Education

Dr Julieta Galante, Psychiatry (University of Cambridge)

Dr Jonathan Hales, Leicester Medical School

Professor Richard Hastings, Centre for Educational Development, Appraisal and Research

Frances Hayes, Centre for Lifelong Learning

Sussanah Heffernan-Smith, Centre for Applied Linguistics

Dr Nadeeja Herath, Warwick Medical School

Professor Des Hewitt, Centre for Professional Education

Dr Alison Hipwell, Warwick Business School

Dr Dean Howes, Centre for Lifelong Learning

Dr Atiya Kamal, Department of Psychology

Dr Michael Kelly, Mental Health, Social Work and Integrative Medicine

Gareth Knott, Warwick Medical School

Katrina Lane, Department of Psychology

Dr Debbi Marais, Warwick Medical School

Dr. Xicoténcatl Martínez Ruiz, Editor in Chief Journal Innovación Educativa, Mexico

Dr Laura McDonaugh, Warwick Medical School

Maaya Modha, School of Pharmacy (UCL)

Anthea Pablow, University Counselling Service

Dr Shilpa Patel, Warwick Medical School

Dr Karen Rees, Warwick Medical School

Soheila Rostami, Management

Dr Maheshi Samaraweera, Acute Medicine

Professor Stephen Shapiro, English and Comparative Literary Studies

Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown, Warwick Medical School

Ruth Sugden, Medical Education

Dr Stephanie Tierney, Royal College of Nursing Research Institute

Dr Manuel Villarreal, Warwick Medical School

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