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Our Research

We provide funding and resources to the below networks.

Are you working on a related project? Does your research align to our themes? Get involved and join our research network today.

Mindfulness and artificial intelligence
Mindfulness and artificial intelligence (AI) for prevention of disease

We want to improve public health by combining digital technology with mindfulness. One in four adults in the UK is obese. This figure is rising. We explore how mindfulness techniques, with the help of AI, can benefit patients with obesity.

Central England rehabilitation network
Central England rehabilitation network

We aim to improve the lives of people living with disability. We connect researchers and clinicians working in the field of rehabilitation.

E-health applications for physical activity, sleep and circadian rhythms

Physical activity, sleep, and circadian rhythms play an important role in our health and wellbeing. We use new technology to track these. This helps us provide feedback and assist healthier behaviour changes.

Mindfulness research network

Mental health and wellbeing are important policy goals. Mindfulness can improve our psychological wellbeing. This includes reducing anxiety and depression. We are adding to our understanding of mindfulness.

Previously funded networks
Biomedical interventional team for early-diagnostic evaluation

This research focused on how functional foods affect inflammation induced metabolic disease.

Innovations in creativity and digital healthcare

With more pressures on our healthcare system, creative solutions are vital. Digitally applied creativity can be used in our current system, including helping a patient manage with long-term illness and address social isolation.

Multisensory personalised virtual experience for improving healthcare

This network looked to improve wellbeing using virtual reality technology. Research studied how human behaviour can change and how our quality of life can be improved.

Warwick medical imaging network (W-MIN)

This network focused on imaging in a broad sense. This included technology, pre-clinical work and data handling.

Technologies and health in resource limited settings – Society and ethics

Research focused on how new digital technology could be used in health delivery in resource limited areas. This is at population, household and individual levels.