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HEAR and Transcripts

Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

The University of Warwick has implemented the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) for undergraduate students who graduate after July 2011.

The HEAR acts as a cumulative, formative record until a student graduates, at which stage it is finalised and becomes the formal official record of study, including module marks and degree classification (and which replaces the previous student "transcript").

Undergraduates will no longer have a paper transcripts produced for them on graduation.


A transcript is an official summary of academic performance. The transcript is a legal University document and therefore cannot be altered. It includes information such as:

  • Student name and date of birth
  • Qualification and marks obtained
  • University start date and end date
  • Date of conferral
  • Level and degree class conferred (as appropriate).

Only students awarded a degree can have 'official' transcripts of studies. Interim transcripts are available from your department on request.

Transcripts are only produced for postgraduate students and undergraduate students who have graduated before the introduction of the HEAR in 2011.

The University of Warwick does not produce transcripts for PhD and other research degree students. Their work is research based and subsequently they do not take or complete set modules or exams and so a transcript cannot be produced.