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How we can help

Access free advice, support and advertising when planning and delivering work experience opportunities to attract Warwick students. The Internships, Placements & Work Experience team (IPWE), part of Student Opportunity at Warwick.

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Small and medium-sized entities: SME Consultancy

The Internships, Placements & Work Experience Team has been both running and recruiting to internal and external work experience programmes since 2012. We combine our own learning with CIPD and ISE advice to produce good practice that we know leads to productive, motivated interns. As such, we are able to advise you on how your needs best fit with our students' skills and qualities.

Our free SME consultancy services include:

  • Design of opportunity – helping to define a job description or experience outline
  • Design of advert – reading and making suggestions to optimise student engagement
  • Support you in advertising to Warwick students via our vacancies portal, myAdvantage
  • Advice and guidance on good practice during your recruitment and selection
  • Detailed information about managing interns
  • Telephone support for questions about line management style or challenges

We will do everything we can to help you present the most attractive offer to our students.

To see the further support and services available to SMEs, please visit the website here.

In addition to working with Warwick, we can also act as a gateway to partners institutions across Coventry and Warwickshire making your life easier. So whether you are looking for a student for an internship, placement or work experience, looking to recruit a graduate, an apprentice; we can help.

What we can't do for you

The Internships, Placements & Work Experience Team supports the good practice of employers in work experience design and delivery. Sadly, we cannot:

  • Source students to your specification and/or match talent – this is the role played by Unitemps
  • Control the labour market – we will do everything we can to help you present the most attractive offer, but we can’t control the outcomes of your recruitment processes
  • Guarantee engagement with students from a specific academic department, when advertising centrally
  • Provide specialist HR, legal, financial or immigration advice, but we will endeavour to signpost.

Kimberley Harris

Kimberley Harris

Internships, Placements & Work Experience Manager

Jayne Mourinho

Jayne Mourinho

Internships, Placements & Work Experience Officer (Employer Lead)

Lai-Leng Fong

Lai-Leng Fong

Internships, Placements & Work Experience Officer (Student Services Lead)


Internships, Placements & Work Experience Coordinator

Jo Ramsay

Jo Ramsay

Project Officer (Placements)