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Your needs: Considerations

What outcomes are you seeking and what should you consider?

We recommend discussing the following points before committing to hosting a student within your business, to get the best outcome. This list could make a useful discussion point if you need to make a case for an internship or work experience opportunity within the business:

What outcome are you looking for? (deliverables, skills, experience, knowledge, a potential recruitment pipeline, or simply project resource?)

Can you describe the need clearly and concisely?

Is it the right time? Do you have time to prepare and recruit to a role? What are your project deadlines/milestones?

Do you have time to sufficiently train a new team member so that they can deliver within your timeframe?

Is a student a false economy in comparison to a longer term hire, once you've invested in training?

Do you have resource? Time as well as money, physical equipment, etc – do your managers have the time and skills to support a student working with you?

Will students be the most appropriate resource? Are they looking for this format and duration of opportunity?

Do you need an undergraduate (BSc, BA) or postgraduate (MSc, MA, PhD)?

Is the year of study important to you, especially if you are hoping to 'try before you buy' for future recruitment?

Are you prepared to manage a team member who is balancing their focus between your present and their future?

Are these students available at that time of year? (see our section on Warwick Students/Student Availability/)

Is subject knowledge important, or are you just looking for a specific skillset? Which skills are essential and which would be desirable, to attract the right candidates?

Do you need someone part-time or full-time? Can you be flexible about hours and where the student is based?

For course-based placements, are you able to support the responsibilities and expectations (undertake recruitment, host a student for the purpose and duration of their placement, work with the University to provide required information/paperwork and support processes)?