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Experience: Ending

As the internships' end approaches:

Consider ways to mark the end of the internship in a way that will provide the greatest benefit:

  • Ask the intern to present on their work and projects, or make recommendations
  • Conduct a final review meeting to discuss the intern’s experience and skills development, consider suggestions for their development moving forward
  • Gain feedback for improving your organisation’s internship experience, or ask for general observations on your organisation
  • If you usually hold an Exit Interview, complete this process with your intern
  • Consider a modest celebration event, if appropriate, to mark the end of their project, or their impact as an individual – however you usually celebrate team milestones or departures

Consider the most appropriate way to end the internship, both at an organisational and personal level:

  • Keeping your intern on – by extension, part-time, future vacation work, or by a deferred post-graduation role or offering future opportunities to other students
  • Offering ongoing support as the intern moves on, returns to their studies, or begins graduate recruitment activities, e.g. through mentoring, or even sponsorship of their remaining degree course. Today’s intern could be the experienced hire of three years’ time!
  • Bringing the relationship to a final close
  • For placements, provide feedback to the student's academic department to support monitoring and evaluation of processes, and student and host experience
  • Research what competitors are doing to see if you can add to ore make changes to the roles
  • Evaluate your recruitment methods to understand if they are bringing the most suitable candidates to the role/organisation.
Keeping in touch

At the end of the internship, offer as many of the following as you deem appropriate:

  • Offer of traditional references
  • Offer of LinkedIn Recommendation
  • Offer of ongoing business or personal mentoring
  • Offer involvement in 'keeping in touch' opportunities like Christmas parties, Pub Quiz teams, etc