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Your needs: Benefits

Employment experiences offer valuable benefits to the employers hosting a student in their organisation. For example, at Warwick, our student population includes around 30% International students, who can bring diversity and a global perspective to your business.

In addition, employment experiences offer students a valuable insight into the world of work and help prepare them to make career choices or prepare for the transition to employment. With a little planning, it's win-win!

You've told us that the benefits of offering employment experience include:

  • Access to short-term resource on a project
  • Improving the skills of new entrants to the industry
  • Gaining fresh ideas and an external perspective from a student who can then potentially take on the project
  • Developing management skills for your existing staff
  • Meeting and informally testing potential future recruits - the idea of ‘try before you buy’ and a more cost effective way of recruiting
  • Growth through recruitment and accessing skills
  • Raising the profile of your career opportunities with current students
  • Gaining enhanced standing, including fulfilling corporate social responsibility, diversity and Government agendas