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Hear from our Students

Hear from our students and graduates about what makes a good experience, to help them get off to the best start, contribute, develop and make an impact.

"We're keen to get off to a good start!"

  • We appreciate hearing in advance about the work we are going to be involved with, the dress code and what we will be doing on our first day, to manage any nerves
  • We value an induction to help us transition from feeling like a student to being an employee
  • We welcome the opportunity to meet previous interns or recent graduates in your organisation, hear their experiences and understand your expectations better
  • We are keen to play to our strengths and develop along the way

During our experience with you

  • We are looking for an experience with clear objectives, where we can take responsibility, contribute and make an impact, with the opportunity for stretch, rather than just support tasks
  • We want to develop our commercial awareness – understand the wider business and thoughts and experience of the sector
  • We appreciate being supported, regular communication and having someone to go to with questions (particularly 'silly' ones!)
  • We are keen to hear what went well, but also appreciate constructive feedback on how to improve
  • We welcome the opportunity to socialise with other staff – it helps us feel a part of a team, and gets us more comfortable with our colleagues, especially with hybrid working

Finishing off an experience

  • We really appreciate an opportunity to reflect on the experience by presenting and reporting back on our project/work
  • Practical help such as commenting on our refreshed CV or writing a recommendation on LinkedIn is particularly gratefully received
two students sitting in the Ramphal building
"Both our line managers are extremely helpful, flexible, supportive and find tasks relevant to my job and interests. They made me feel confident and comfortable enough to go up to them regarding any issue, which has helped me be more efficient." - 2nd year Economics student
"My line manager is really organised and resourceful and I benefited from that a lot" - 2nd year student from WUIP Programme 2015