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We are keen to hear how you have found this new resource. What are the areas we can improve on, and where can we provide further information? What did you find particularly useful? What will you do next?

Please send us an email or, if you would prefer, please call 024 7615 1882 and talk to us directly.

If you are looking for further ways to engage with our students and graduates; including graduate recruitment, internship programmes, student societies, temporary staff or Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, please see the following services.

Employer Connect

Warwick’s Employer Connect team offers a portfolio of tried and tested services which enable you to raise your organisation’s profile, communicate your opportunities effectively to students, and facilitate a strong and successful relationship with Warwick students.

We encourage you to work closely with us so that we can recommend the most appropriate services for your organisation. Our advice is informed by regular feedback from students, internal departments and recruiters. We understand what works best on campus including the intricate factors that make a successful campaign. Through understanding your business, we are able to offer you an individual service, which will optimise your recruitment success at Warwick.

Warwick Summer Internship Programme

The Warwick Internship Programme (WIP) brings together UK-based small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), charities and Warwick undergraduates (including finalists) with the opportunity to benefit from the many advantages afforded by a high-quality summer internship.

WIP offers 6 weeks of full funding towards internships starting the end of June for UK students and beginning of July for Student Visa holders.

Please visit the WIP website for further information.

Warwick Advance Programme

Our new Warwick Advance Programme will enable employers to offer work experience and internship schemes to students from certain socio-economic backgrounds and increase their recruitment prospects.

Warwick Volunteers

Warwick Volunteers aims to provide an effective link between the University of Warwick and the wider local community by utilising the skills, energy and enthusiasm of our volunteers.

We run a wide variety of projects which benefit the community around the University in Coventry, Leamington, Kenilworth and Warwick. Projects include working with children in schools and after-school clubs, young adults, people with disabilities, and community groups.

Student Societies

The culture at Warwick is very supportive of independent student action, and this has led to the growth of a wide range of successful, well-established and proactive student societies, a significant number of which focus on particular professions and careers, and provide opportunities for employers to interact specifically with their members.

As these activities are student-led, fall within the Students Union structure and are therefore separate from University governance and quality assurance procedures, we refer on any employers interested in engaging with student societies.


Established at the University of Warwick in 1997, Unitemps is the University owned complete recruitment solution, providing temporary full and part time opportunities on campus and with local commercial businesses for students, graduates and people from the local community.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Work with the University to transfer our knowledge to your business through a graduate.

If you are a Warwick graduate, you can take part in our e-mentoring scheme.

If you are an employee, why not share your career experience and make a difference to students from disadvantage backgrounds through mentoring on Advancing your Strengths Mentoring programme supporting students from underrepresented, low income, first generation, social mobility & minority backgrounds. The objectives are to enable students to grow in confidence, develop personal and professional skills.

WMG Internship Programme

The WMG SME Group continues to deliver its specialist internship programme for SMEs and larger businesses seeking additional resource and expertise to overcome a range of technical and strategic business challenges. Over the last five years, the programme has proved highly successful in placing a number of talented graduates and students into SMEs, working on a range of projects to help businesses increase productivity, improve efficiency, embrace innovation and access new thinking.

Projects usually relate to the core expertise within the WMG SME Group including manufacturing, materials, product development, digital systems, factory 4.0 and automation.

Teamwork Programme

Providing free access to a student consultancy team, the TeamWork Programme brings together a multi-disciplinary, multi-university team of 6 students for four-weeks over the summer. The students work together virtually on a project or challenge facing your organisation, or an area or opportunity that your organisation wishes to explore.


Make a difference to students from disadvantaged backgrounds through mentoring on the Advancing your Strengths Mentoring programme supporting students from underrepresented, low income, first generation, social mobility & minority backgrounds. The objectives are to enable students to grow in confidence, develop personal and professional skills.

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