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Warwick students: Working with students

Employing a student can be as much about their potential as their existing skills and experience. Students are keen to learn and are open to development opportunities – they can be shaped to your values, culture and working practices without holding many preconceptions about work.

  • Anecdotally, employers find that students are goal-oriented, ambitious (often focused on growth rather than salary), entrepreneurial, tech-savvy, conscience-driven, innovative, inquisitive and hardworking, bringing a new perspective… but also keen to receive constant feedback, sometimes low in professional confidence and skills, and anxious about their future!
  • Students tend to thrive when they know how they fit into the bigger picture, and usually enjoy working with others to achieve team goals.
  • They want to be included and treated the same as any other employee on a practical level, but with additional supervision (especially at first) to bring out their best.
  • Work is one of many competing priorities: although students can work for up to 20 hours per week during term time, actual availability depends on their individual timetable and commitments (such as skill-enhancing Clubs and Societies),visa restrictions, or supporting themselves through their studies, financially.
  • The University may ask to visit you or their student, or ask you for an update on their progress, especially if they are undertaking a placement (part of degree) or have received a bursary.
  • Unlike previous cohorts of workers, today’s students are quick to share their experiences via word of mouth and social media!

Who will be looking at my vacancy?

As of 2023/24 our total number of students are 28,065 including; 18,560 undergraduates and 9,505 postgraduates, of which 10,793 are non-UK students from over 147 countries.