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Hear from employers

Helen Wallis - Hear of England Mencap

Helen Wallis, Chief Executive of Heart of England Mencap

The partnership built with Warwick University has been established for over 4 years and throughout this time we have successfully provided 5 paid internships, engaging with students that have contributed a wide range of skills and competencies in an organisation that is a significant local business with a charitable purpose….

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Joe Hytner

Joe Hytner, Director of Titanium Tutors

We were blown away by the calibre of the students and found it very difficult to narrow them down to a single successful candidate...

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Carolyn Savjani, Director of FluxSys Ltd.

Carolyn Savjani, Head of Communications at Global Care

...the impact was immediate, it enabled us to get things done that weren’t going to get done. Our second intern [...] did an amazing job for us that’s had a ripple effect going forward [...] That’s been extraordinarily helpful.

John Reeve, Director of FluxSys Ltd.

John Reeve, Director of FluxSys Ltd

Rather than trying to catch [graduates] at the end when there is no relationship, its given us the opportunity to find and build some of those relationships... Our experience of picking the right graduates and working with them in the right way has really helped us develop...

Peter Anastasi, Managing Director of Silson Ltd

Peter Anastasi, Managing Director of Silson Ltd

Quite often we have research programmes or little pots of work that we don't have the manpower to investigate further and by having an intern on site for a small amount of time, we can then [...] leverage an outcome very, very quickly.

Neelam Gill, HR Manager at Circles Network

Both interns were brilliant: they were full of life, worked hard and got involved. One produced an insightful, practical report and catalogued some of our main achievements from working through our archives [...] While the other had great impact as an extension to our facilitation team...

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Tiffany Hughes - First Utility

Tiffany Hughes, First Utility

In March of this year, I approached the University of Warwick to discuss setting up an internship. This was the first internship for First Utility and we were thinking of attracting a student for a part-time opportunity around an existing “Data & Insight” project, working with a mentor...

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Charlotte Fereday – Code First: Girls

Charlotte Fereday, Programmes manager at Code First: Girls

[Internships programme] was a really excellent scheme for us as a not for profit small enterprise startup. The intern who joined us on the scheme was fantastic & really dedicated, and did such a good job that we opted to extend her internship time with us by another 3 months...

Alex Duckworth - Brancaster Pharma Ltd

Alex Duckworth, Brancaster Pharma Ltd

An excellent opportunity to assess the skills and aptitude of the talented graduates from one of Britain's leading universities, to see whether they would fit well with the needs of your organisation... and vice versa.

Anil Awesti - School of Law, University of Warwick

Anil Awesti, School of Law, University of Warwick

The work performed by the intern contributed to the development of our projects and allowed the department to undertake work that we could not resource ourselves.

David Chapman - Estates, University of Warwick

David Chapman, Estates, University of Warwick

We managed to move forward on a number of projects we did not otherwise have time for, we were also able to add new contacts to our lists to move forward with in the future.