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Walk the Labyrinth

Our labyrinth can be found outside on the grass area between the Chaplaincy and Senate House. It is available for everyone to use, whether you come from a particular faith tradition or not. The space can be used for mindfulness; a way of calming, settling and learning to live in the moment.

A labyrinth differs from a maze in that there is only one way through, you simply follow the path and after many twists and turns, representing our journeys through life, you end up in the middle. When you walk the labyrinth you may follow the path to the centre and after pausing there you can either retrace your steps or step over the lines and walk straight out.

Walking the Labyrinth: Some Suggestions

  • Simply walk the labyrinth as slowly as you can, the process of doing this will slow you down, putting you into a more contemplative frame of mind. That might be all you need to do today.
  • You may want to practice some stilling exercises as you walk the labyrinth. At its beginning, centre yourself with a few deep breaths, use the process of walking as a focus; the feel of your feet touching the ground; the sound of grass moving in the wind; bird song and so on…. When you become distracted, gently bring your focus back to the walk.
  • Walk the labyrinth to help you reflect. As you walk, recall different points your life, either chronologically or using the form of the path, the turning points, the significant encounters and relationships. When you reach the centre reflect on your destination and journey’s end.
  • Practice gratitude. Consider those things for which you are grateful, as you walk.

If you have any questions about the labyrinth or would like to speak to a Chaplain about anything at all, please get in touch


Photo of Labyrinth

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Some more ideas, from a Christian perspective, for praying with a labyrinth can be found from our friends in the UK's Jesuit Spirituality Team.

Photo of labyrinth lit up at night time

Labyrinth lit up for Christmas

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