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Service Evaluation Form- Staff feedback on face to face counselling

Thank you for completing this evaluation form. Any feedback you offer will be used to evaluate and improve the University Counselling Service. Some of your comments may be used verbatim but will be anonymous.
1 Feedback on aspects of the UCS provision
very good ok poor  
registration process  
communication pre-appointment  
first visit experience of reception  

2 How has counselling impacted on you?
not at all to a limited extent one of many factors an important factor the most significant factor  
To what extent would you say that counselling has improved your overall experience of working at Warwick?  
To what extent would you say counselling has helped you develop skills that might be useful in your work (eg increased confidence; assertiveness; managing difficult feelings better)?  
not at all to a limited extent one of many factors an important factor the most significant factor not applicable  
helped you stay in your job/working in the university  
helped you to focus on your work more clearly  
helped you manage how you relate with colleagues  
helped you to communicate more assertively/effectively in the work place  
helped you to feel happier in yourself generally at work  
helped you to be less likely to take time off work due to work stress  
no improvement improvement significant improvement  
your general well-being  
your general mood  
your understanding of your self  
your understanding of others  
your self esteem  
your ability to manage difficult feelings  

3 Feedback for your individual Counsellor
I agree I disagree  
My counsellor seemed to listen well to me  
My counsellor worked hard to understand me/my issues  
The counsellor seemed confident and competent in working with me  
I felt appropriately challenged by my counsellor when required  
Boundaries were upheld well by my counsellor (starting and finishing on time; confidentiality; etc)  
The end of my time in counselling was handled appropriately by my counsellor  
I felt the counsellor worked well with me to help me understand my self better  

4 General feedback

Thank you for completing this evaluation form – your feedback is valuable to the UCS and all comments will be read. Click ‘send form’ to submit.
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Privacy statement
This form is anonymous. No data which personally identifies you is collected on the form, and the data you provide is used solely to help us improve the delivery of our courses.
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