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Therapy Groups

Group therapy can offer a unique environment in which to learn about and experience both self and others. We all live in groups for much of our lives and working together with others in a group can provide valuable insights into characteristic patterns of thinking and relating in a group setting. The group experience gives individuals an opportunity to explore their issues in more depth, in a setting which more closely resembles work, study, social and family groupings.


Groups for 18 to 25 year olds

  Therapy Groups for 22 year olds and over  

 Quotes from group members:

"The group feels like a separate Universe of sorts, where every participant is a planet of experiences and perspectives, all circling around an ever-changing centre which might be a problem, a worry, or something hard to think about. The well-enforced confidentiality policy allows people to genuinely open up and communicate on a new level that's hard to experience in any other environment. It can be challenging and scary, but there is a wealth of personal growth to be acquired by interacting in a safe, welcoming environment with a group of empathetic people on such an intimate level."

"Group Counselling is a great experience which I would recommend to anyone who feels they may need it - it probably won't help in the ways you expect or maybe even want, but it can help you develop in ways you probably won't even notice happening."

"People being so open and frank about their issues showed me that no one is perfect and that's okay. Its beautiful and enriching and I feel like I'm so better able to connect with people because of group. Also I'm not alone in how I feel."

Look at a range of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Therapy Groups.

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NB - please choose whether you wish to register for group therapy OR individual counselling OR email counselling. It is not possible to work simultaneously in more than one counselling medium.
Try it even if you're not sure about the idea of a group. It is very supportive and gives a different perspective to individual counselling.

A space to talk

How often can you schedule a time to feel and share kindness? The group was a weekly chance to reflect on my feelings and experience in a safe and supportive
It has helped me in my relationship, my friendships and the contact with my family

Despite different experiences with mental difficulties influenced by culture, gender etc a common connection could be found in the emotions experienced