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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Group (CBT)


The University Counselling Service is offering a CBT group for people experiencing characteristics associated with depression. Each week participants will be encouraged to set manageable goals, to better understand their thinking patterns and to increase self-confidence. The sessions will consider the link between thoughts, actions and feelings. Areas such as stress, depression and social life will be considered. "Thinking about Thinking" is one of the main themes and discussions on overcoming negative thoughts are a key part of this section.

The following vignette is from a student who attended the last CBT group:

 Claudia, age 23, second year law student.

"The cognitive course has been immensely useful for me, and has played a role in the gradual transformation of my way of living. Almost every element of the course has enhanced the way I do things. I found particularly useful the techniques for dealing with worry and anxiety. Similarly, the tips on organisation and setting realistic goals have been priceless; especially in the light of my impending examinations. The mind over moods techniques are invaluable, in situations when, for example, I need to get up in the morning, or need to commit to any task that I do not particularly feel in the 'mood' to do. It was a lovely group of people and I not only found it useful but also enjoyable".


There are six sessions in this group program and it is important not to miss one. If you think you identify with some or all of the characteristics below and think you are in a position to commit to participating once each week, then please send your contact details to the email address below:



  • Inactivity


  • Poor motivation


  • Procrastination


  • A sense of hopelessness


  • Feeling of isolation


  • A feeling of ‘stuckness’ following transition or life stressor



A new group will commence in term 2 of academic year 2009/10. More information will be available at a later date.

If you are interested in participating in group counselling, please register your interest - 

Before commencement of the group you will be sent an appointment by email to meet with the group facilitator. This usually involves one meeting of 30 minutes discussion and assessment. This helps ensure that the group is appropriate to your needs.