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Thinking of yourself as a group member

Quotes from group members:

"Group counselling isn't about being mad, or even being very sad. It's for anyone who wants to embrace their humanity, and be more gentle and understanding with themselves and others. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience something like this."

"It is a safe haven where you can say whatever you want, without being judged."

How can I best prepare myself to work in a group setting?

You may have accessed this page because you are unsure whether group work would be beneficial to you, or it may be that you would like some information on how you might prepare for group work. You may find it helpful to read at this point some Frequently Asked Questions such as How can group therapy help? and to access the vignette which tells you about Jane, who is preparing herself for a group she is planning to join and talks about it with her friend Cameron, who has been part of a therapy group.

An important question you need to ask yourself is “Am I willing to give time and energy to this process?” Group work is a great opportunity for psychological and emotional growth but it does require you to be able to tolerate potential frustration and impatience with yourself, the process and with others. It is all part of the learning that contributes to growth. It is worth spending time looking at Questions to help prepare me for group. This will help you to reflect on yourself before joining the group and will pay dividends later when you are part of the group. Change can only come from within and whilst other members of the group and the group facilitator can help that process, much of the 'work' will originate from within you.

The questions will also give you an opportunity to think a bit more about your own thoughts, emotions, attitudes, behaviours and the life experiences that have formed these.