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postgraduate group counselling evaluation

excellent good enough needs attention poor  
marketing of groups  
discussion with your individual referring counsellor(leave blank if not applicable)  
information sheet about groups  
website information about groups  
time of group  
room used for group  
pre-group meeting(s) with group facilitator(s).  
This questionaire aims to provide the UCS with important information about how our groups work. There is a section about the practicalities of the group and a section which asks about your experience of the group. Your feedback is valuable.
extremely good moderately good not very good  
the group facilitator(s)  
the mix of group members  
the general helpfulness of the group to you  
the overall outcome of group counselling for you  

The next part of the form is partly to aid your personal evaluation and reflect on your learnings from the group and partly to offer information on how the group worked. Some questions require you to write in your responses.
strongly disagree disagree unsure agree strongly agree  
understand myself  
to understand others better  
to see myself in a different way  
to listen more carefully  
recognise when I am making assumptions about myself  
recognise when I am making assumptions about other people  
recognise my own emotions more clearly  
express myself more clearly  
see the influence of past patterns in myself  
see the influence of past patterns in others  
put myself in 'other people's shoes'  
strongly disagree disagree unsure agree strongly agree  
my opinions were listened to and taken seriously  
I felt connected to the others in the group  
I felt it was hard to find a space in the group  
I felt supported  
My views were ignored.  
I felt nobody understood me  
I felt more confident in a group setting  
never rarely sometimes often always  
find space?  
connect with others?  
listen to others?  
accept challenges?  
make challenges?  
reflect in between meetings?  
link what happened in the group to your life?  

Thank you for completing this form - all feedback will be read and considered. Some comments may be (anonymously) included in the UCS Annual report as appropriate.
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This form is anonymous. No data which personally identifies you is collected on the form, and the data you provide is used solely to help us improve the delivery of our courses.
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