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Student workshops

The Univeristy Counselling Service runs and facilitates a range of workshops on specific topics devised especially to meet the needs of Warwick students. All workshops are upto 2 hours and are a mix of input (to help you understand the issue) and strategies (ways of coping better with the issue). There will be up to 20 people in a workshop - usually less.

Click on the title that interests you to find more details. All workshops are designed to be 'stand alone' sessions (so you can just come to one) or you can book on to several workshops that interest you.

You will receive an email confirming your booking near the time of the workshop, with full details of the time and the location. If you require any further information please contact our Administrators at or telephone 024765 23761.  

See below for full schedule with dates

 FAQs about workshops:

What if I register, then I realise I can't make the date after all?

At the point of registering, please make a note in your calendar and prioritise attending. Our workshops can be popular and we sometimes need to limit the number of people who can register, so we hold a list for those who express an interest in attending after the workshop is up to capacity. We will contact you before the workshop to remind you that you have a place booked but if for any reason you can no longer take up your place, it is important to let us know in good time - email so that your place can be re-allocated to someone else.

Why might I want a Certificate of Attendance? It is useful to collate a CV portfolio throughout your time at University with evidence of what you have attended outside of your degree modules. Sometimes this is helpful to include in applications for jobs, further study courses, internships, etc. You can click the box on the registration form and a certificate will be prepared for you.

How many workshops can I register for? You can register for as many as you wish - you will need to complete a separate online registration form for each workshop - simply click on the title from the list above. Also, we urge you to check you are free to attend each workshop you register for and make a note of the date and time in your calendar.

What about other workshop titles? The University Counselling Service is continually updating its workshop programme in the light of feedback. You may also be interested in checking out other titles run by Careers and Skills

I'm a bit anxious about coming along to a workshop. What can I expect? Have a look at the short film clip of the counselling service. You will be greeted on arrival by one of our administrators. The workshops are relaxed in a supportive learning environment. The number of attendees at workshops varies - sometimes just a few people attend, sometimes there's up to 20. Often it is somewhere in between. All the facilitators are from the Counselling Team. If you want specific information about your workshop choice, eg how many others will be there, etc, contact us

Where are the workshops held? All workshops are in Westwood House, on the Westwood campus, which is about 15-20 minutes away from central campus. Please ensure you give yourself time to locate the building - you are welcome to use our comfortable waiting room before the workshop starts. Please note: Participants who arrive late may not be guaranteed entry to the workshop.


Title Date Week Time
Term 1
Developing Social Skills Wednesday 11 October 2017 Week 2 2pm – 4pm
Building Confidence and Self-esteem Monday 23 October 2017 Week 4 2pm – 4pm
Managing Depressive Feelings Wednesday 1 November 2017 Week 5 2pm – 4pm
Understanding Perfectionism Wednesday 15 November2017 Week 7 2pm – 4pm
Discover yourself through words Wednesday 22 November 2017 Week 8 2pm – 4pm
Emotional Resilience Friday 24 November 2017 Week 8 2pm – 4pm
Term 2
Managing Depressive Feelings  Thursday 18 January 2018 Week 2 10.15pm -12.15pm
Transitions and new culture Friday 19 January 2018 Week 2 2pm – 4pm
Study Life Balance Wednesday 24 January 2018 Week 3 2pm – 4pm
Mindfulness Introduction Thursday 25 January 2018 Week 3 10.15pm -12.15pm
Building Confidence and Self-esteem Friday 26 January 2108 Week 3 2pm – 4pm
Maintaining Motivation Wednesday 31 January 2018 Week 4 2pm – 4pm
Emotional Resilience Friday 9 February 2018 Week 5 2pm – 4pm
Coping with Bereavement Wednesday 21 February 2018 Week 7 2pm – 4pm
Stress and Anxiety Reduction Friday 2 March 2018 Week 8 2pm – 4pm
Transforming anger using principles of Non-Violent Communication (NVC) Wednesday 7 March 2018 Week 9 2pm – 4pm
Managing Procrastination Friday 9 March 2018 Week 9 2pm – 4pm



 Quotes from workshop feedback:

"Do it. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain"

"It was friendly, welcoming and informative, I took away new knowledge to reflect upon"

“Workshop was a good length”

“Facilitator very open and approachable”

"Liked the comfort of it as a whole, the content and the facilitator style."

"The atmosphere was really calm"