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Specialist student workshops

Overview: We offer a range of specialist workshops on specific topics devised especially to meet the needs of Warwick students. Workshops are facilitated by Counsellors and Wellbeing Advisors in collaboration. Most workshops are up to 2 hours and are a mix of teaching-style input (to help you understand the issue) and strategies (ways to help you cope better with the issue). There will be up to 20 people in a workshop.

You can book on to as many workshop titles as you wish (but please make sure you can attend each date).

Some titles may require you to meet with the facilitator beforehand to check the workshop is suitable for you.

With some titles there is the option of follow-on sessions to develop your understanding and skills in the subject.

The following range of titles are facilitated by Wellbeing Advisors; they will take place at various locations across the University – please click on the title for more information and to book your place. Any queries about these workshops, please email

The following range of specialist workshops are available; they will take place in the Counselling Service at Westwood House. Click on the title for more information and to book your place.

 FAQs about workshops:

How does the registration process work?

Last academic year we trialled a simplified version of registering for our workshops. After completing the registration form, we invite you to turn up at the venue on the day (we'll email you a couple of days beforehand to remind you) and you will have a place in the workshop - however, in the unlikely event that the room gets full to capacity, we will no longer be able to admit people so we will transfer your registration to the next workshop. Our experience tells us this is very unlikely to happen - we often have lots of unfilled places in the workshops due to lots of people registering and then not turning up on the day. This revised system ensures that those who register and turn up are very likely to get a place. You may like to turn up before the start time to ensure you have a place as you will be admitted on a 'first come, first served' basis.

What if I register, then I realise I can't make the date after all?

At the point of registering, please make a note in your calendar and we will send you an email a couple of days before the workshop to remind you that you have registered, with details of the venue in Westwood House. If for any reason you can no longer take up your place, please email and let us know.

Why might I want a Certificate of Attendance? It is useful to collate a CV portfolio throughout your time at University with evidence of what you have attended outside of your degree modules. Sometimes this is helpful to include in applications for jobs, further study courses, internships, etc. You can click the box on the registration form and after you have attended you will be emailed a copy of your personalised certificate.

How many workshops can I register for? You can register for as many as you wish - you will need to complete a separate online registration form for each workshop - simply click on the title from the list above. Also, we urge you to check you are free to attend each workshop you register for and make a note of the date and time in your calendar.

What about other workshop titles? The Counselling Service is continually updating its workshop programme in the light of feedback. You may also be interested in checking out other titles run by Careers:

I'm a bit anxious about coming along to a workshop. What can I expect? Have a look at the short film clip of the counselling service (many things have been revamped since we made the video, but it gives you an idea of the building and the rooms). At Westwood, you will generally be greeted on arrival by one of our Administrators. The workshops are relaxed in a supportive learning environment. The number of attendees at workshops varies - sometimes just a few people attend, sometimes there's up to 20. Often it is somewhere in between. All the facilitators are professionals from Wellbeing Support Services. If you want specific information about your workshop choice, eg how many others will be there, etc contact us and we'll be happy to answer your queries where we can.

Where are the workshops held? Most workshops are in Westwood House, on the Westwood campus, which is about 15-20 minutes away from central campus. Please ensure you give yourself time to locate the building - you are welcome to use our comfortable waiting room before the workshop starts. Some workshops are held in other venues, such as the Student Union and the Library - the details are on the relevant website and you will be reminded by email approximately 48 hours prior to the workshop. Please note: Participants who arrive late may not be guaranteed entry to the workshop.


 Quotes from workshop feedback:

"Do it. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain"

"It was friendly, welcoming and informative, I took away new knowledge to reflect upon"

“Workshop was a good length”

“Facilitator very open and approachable”

"Liked the comfort of it as a whole, the content and the facilitator style."

"The atmosphere was really calm"