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Self Esteem

Self esteem workshop - no current workshop date available, thank you for your interest. 

Outline of the Workshop:

What do we mean by low self esteem?: People who have low self esteem are likely to have a low opinion of themselves and a low sense of their own value and self worth. Those with good self-esteem are likely to have enough self-respect and self acceptance to maintain a reasonable level of self worth even in challenging circumstances. People with low self esteem are likely to find that this way of being affects their day to day experiences and interactions with other people. Low self-esteem can be related to feelings of anxiety and low mood.

What is the workshop about?:The workshop focuses on thinking patterns which may play a part in maintaining low self-esteem. it is an opportunity to learn about unhelpful patterns on how they operate, and to reflect on your own thinking style. the session will also cover some approaches to challenging negative thinking styles.

What will be expected of me? You may be asked which thinking style you recognise in yourself and may choose to share some of your experiences but we will not explore any individual's experiences in any depth. you are welcome to come to this workshop regardless of whether or not you have had contact with the counselling service in the past.

Workshop Facilitator: Hanya

All workshops will be held in Westwood House on the Westwood Campus. For more details, contact the Secretary, Trudy Haywood, on 024 7652 3761, internal extension 23761 or call in at the Secretary's desk, Westwood House.  

All workshops are designed and facilitated by counsellors from the UCS team.