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Disability Services aim to continually improve the support, information and communication offered to students with disabilities and staff supporting students at the University.


We value your feedback and encourage students to complete the questionnaire in the student feedback section. Disability Services will send reminders to students on a termly basis to encourage them to give their feedback and share any comments and suggestions. The online feedback questionnaire is designed to be anonymous and your submission will not be linked to you in any way nor you can be identified once you have completed it. If you wish to recieve a response to any of your comments please provide your name and email adress in the comnets section at the end so we can contact you otherwise we are unable to identify who you are. There is a privacy statemnet at the end of the questionnaire clearly indicating that your responses are and will remain anonymous.

NMH staff

We also welcome feedback from NMH Workers and encourage you to complete this feedback form. Disability Services will contact you on a termly basis to ask for your feedback. The feedback form is completely anonymous and NMH staff can not be identified through their submission unless they wish to receive a reponse. In this instance, you are asked to provide your name and email address for Disability Services can respond to your comments.

University Staff

We would also be grateful for any comments and suggestions from staff across the University on your experience, enagegement with the service and anything we can do to improve our service.

All comments provided through the above feedback mechanisms are anonymous and confidential and will be used for reporting, planning and reviewing purposes. Your responses will help us improve and further develop our services. We endeavour to publish responses to comments received but if you would like a more immediate reply, please contact us at disability at warwick dot ac dot uk with your name and email address.

You can find additional information about the University's formal Feedback and Complaints Procedure at this link.