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How to get a Diagnostic Assessment

Once you have met with Disability Services to discuss your difficulties and been screened for a possible learning difference then you may wish to pursue a full adult diagnostic assessment. You can make an appointment with an Educational Psychologist or suitably qualified assessor with a practicing certificate from PATOSS.

You must ensure that they can carry out assessments for adults in Higher Education and for use as evidence for Disabled Student's Allowances.

If you require an assessment for ADHD/ADD you must check the assessor or Educational Psychologist can carry out this type of assessment. You can also speak to your GP about getting an assessment via the NHS, especially if you want to discuss medication or any impact on your mental wellbeing.

This is a list of local assessors - we are not specifically recommending you use them, it is just to give you details of some assessors in the area.

Assessors fees can vary, prices locally start from around £250 but it can vary across the country.

Help with the Cost of an Assessment

If you are a home student and are in receipt of a Warwick bursary you are likely to be eligible for a refund up to £250 towards the cost of the assessment. In order to claim this about you must attend a screening with a Disability Adviser.

If you do not have a bursary from Warwick you can apply for means-tested funding from Student Funding. The details are fully explained on the Student Funding website here.

Diagnostic Reports for Autistic Spectrum Disorders

We do not have a screening for ASD but are very happy to talk about the difficulties you're experiencing and the way you can access support. A diagnosis for ASD can be via referral from your GP but be aware you may have to wait for some time for a referral. The National Autistic Society explains how to ask for an assessment through your GP. Their website also has some interesting and helpful information about ASD.

You can obtain a diagnosis privately from a clinical psychologist with a private practice but this can cost upwards of £500.