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ASD/Asperger Syndrome

We can meet with you on an individual basis and discuss what would be helpful for you whilst at university. We can offer support in:
  • Reccomending reasonable adjustments for exams in place, for example a sole venue, extra time or rest breaks.

  • Arrange specialist mentoring

  • Access to specialist study skills support to help with time management, essay writing principles, reading strategies, exam preparation strategies etc. Please note that study skill support is not subject specific and is not subject tuition. For any subject academic related issues students are advised to speak to their personal tutor.

  • Support with suitable on campus accommodation

  • Support you to access on campus accommodation throughout your stay at Warwick

  • Liaise with your department to help them understand what is helpful for you and what you may find challenging

  • Invite you to the early arrivals programme so that you can come to campus early and settle into your accommodation

  • Help you apply for Disabled Student Allowance
  • Invite you to one of our group feedback sessions to discuss your experience of support and any future improvements

If you are a prospective student or parent of a prospective student you may find these clips of interest. Although not relating specifically to University of Warwick, the advice and information is applicable to most institutions.