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Long Term Medical Conditions

If you have a long term medical condition such as diabetes, M.E., Lupus and Crohns Disease we can help support you during your time at university. Our service can support you by making recommendations for:

  • Discussing suitable on campus accommodation, including adjustments, such as access to a fridge in your room for medication or supporting you to stay in on campus accommodation for your time at university. You can see further information about this here.
  • Exam access arrangements that you may require for example, rest breaks, permission to take in food, extra time, testing equipment. You can see more information about this here.
  • Liaising with your department so that they understand that you may not always be at lectures and there may be times when you need to request an extension for work deadlines.
  • We can explain support mechanisms and discuss who you may like to make aware of your conditon, for example residential life tutors, your department, flatmates.
  • We can advise on how to apply for Disabled Student Allowance so that you have access to assistive software, ergonomic equipment, mentoring and other support

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