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Campus Timeline:
Data Centres (2013)

Warwick's Data Centre improvement project was finished in 2013. The new Centres provide a modern, more energy-efficient place to store a large proportion of the University's digital information. They replace older, less-efficient Centres.
  • Efficient heating & cooling systems, partly funded by SALIX.
  • A backup power source to keep it running in case of a power cut.
  • A lot of room for expansion in the future.

We used aisle containment to improve the efficiency of the cooling systems. SALIX funded the installation of a dry air cooler in addition to the chillers. The dry air cooler provides improved efficiency as it generates chilled water that will satisfy the total cooling load when the ambient temperature is 12oC or lower. This removes the need for the chillers to operate.

Business continuity has been factored in by installing M&E services with n+1 resilience.

Essential Information (for the 1st Data Centre)

Start & Finish dates March 2011 – June 2012
Funded by Capital Project
Budget £4M
Requested by IT Services
Managed by Estates Office
Architects N/A
Quantity Surveyors N/A
Mechanical Engineers IBM Design and Build
Electrical Engineers IBM Design and Build
Structural Engineers IBM Design and Build
Main Contractor IBM Design and Build
Landscaping N/A

Statistics (for the first Data Centre)

Basic Building Cost TBC £/m2
Gross Floor Area 500m2
Function Areas and Their Size Data Halls: 400m2
Area of Storage 0m2
Area of Circulation 0m2
% of Ground Used by Community 0%
% of Buildings Used by Community 0%
Electricity Consumption TBC kWh/m2
Fossil Fuel Consumption TBC kWh/m2
Low Carbon Energy Generation TBC
Water use 0m3/year
Steps taken to reduce environmental impact Dry air coolers, high efficiency chillers, etc