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Campus Timeline:
Road Infrastructure Enhancements (2015)


In 2015 we completed a major project to enhance and transform the road infrastructure on our campus. This included introducing 2 new roundabouts - one between Gibbet Hill Road and University Road and one between Gibbet Hill Road and Kenilworth Road. On top of this, we added granit raised table sections to University Road and Gibbet Hill Road, created as shared spaces where thousands of people cross the road every day.

All of these elements come together to improve the flow of traffic through and around campus and to create a safer and more pleasant environment for pedestrians and cyclists.

These enhancements were completed alongside our wider project to transform campus, including work on the public realm and the new Bus Interchange.

  • 2 new roundabouts and one upgraded existing roundabout.
  • 2 new shared spaces.
  • New central reservation on Gibbet Hill Road.