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Our Future Campus - Energy and Sustainability

The next phase of work in our future campus vision is to develop our plans under four overarching campus development themes:

  1. Transport and Mobility
  2. Design and Landscape
  3. Energy and Sustainability
  4. SMART Campus
Energy and Sustainability

We aim to continue our leadership in sustainable development by delivering a truly carbon-neutral campus.

What might this look like?
  • Transformation from fossil fuel to renewable energy across campus through the use of clean technologies.
  • Improved air quality resulting from the reduction of traffic and move to renewable energy supplies.
  • Shift towards greater on-site energy generation.
  • A new and innovative building performance standard to significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon emission.
  • Investment in our energy infrastructure to ensure resilient and affordable energy supply to campus.
What do we have to build on?
  • We’re already investing in more efficient engines to improve our Combined Heat & Power system.
  • All new buildings exceed current building regulations for energy and thermal performance.
  • We generate 60% of our electricity and hot water on campus to reduce our carbon footprint.

An image of a tree on campus