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Our Future Campus - SMART campus

The next phase of work in our future campus vision is to develop our plans under four overarching campus development themes:

  1. Transport and Mobility
  2. Design and Landscape
  3. Energy and Sustainability
  4. SMART Campus
SMART Campus

We aim to create a digital connected campus for more efficient operations and a better user experience by integrating technology and data at the heart of campus design.

What might this look like?
  • Development of technological interfaces and augmented reality systems to enhance user experience of our buildings.
  • Improved wireless access, capability and speed across all campus spaces.
  • Integration of SMART networking in all building standards and policies.
What do we have to build on?

We’re working to deepen our understanding of the extent of SMART solutions being used by members of our community across campus.

  • We’re developing our data centre capacity.
  • We’re adopting greater connectivity in all refurbishments and new buildings.
  • We are planning to roll out 5G technology to support research into future mobility and also enhance user experience.

An conceptual image of technology