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Warwick Business School Extension

Warwick Business School Extension: Concept Art
Warwick Business School Extension
Artist's Impression

Warwick Business School (WBS) has a vision to be Europe's leading University-based Business School, developing transformational ideas and people that shape how we do business.

To help the school to achieve this ambition, the WBS building will be extended and refurbished to provide students and academic staff with the best possible facilities and spaces to learn, teach and carry out research.

The project will provide additional space to house new academic offices, PhD offices, an MBA lecture theatre and associated syndicate rooms and an additional traditional lecture theatre with support rooms.

The project will take place over three phases, with Phase 4a due to commence during 2020.

Phase 4a willl focus on the School's expanded academic community and will allow the School's PhD programme to be fully housed in the main building. It will create:

  • 45 academic offices
  • 2 Subject Group offices
  • 3 shared PhD offices with capacity for 24 people
  • 3 meeting rooms
  • 3 kitchenettes

Phase 4b will focus on MBA teaching space and will create:

  • 1 MBA lecture theatre
  • 10 syndicate rooms
  • 1 MBA study lounge

Phase 4c will accommodate potential future growth and will create:

  • 1 lecture theatre with a capacity of 170 people
  • 20 academic offices
  • 1 open plan office with a capacity of 25 Professional Support Service staff
  • 1 meeting room
  • 1 kitchenette
We will share more information on this project in due course.
  • Existing school to be refurbished and extended
  • New academic offices, PhD offices, MBA lecture theatre and traditional lecture theatre
  • Will be completed over three phases