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MS Teams Enhanced AV

This tool facilitates the ability for all room occupants to interact both with an in room and remote audience using inbuilt AV equipment. Includes enhanced audio & video options for all physical room participants. It facilitates the following features:

  • Bridging together multiple video options in physical teaching spaces and virtual meeting rooms
  • Support for blended delivery models supporting face to face and distanced learning
  • Cross platform support enables functionality with Microsoft Teams.
  • Controllable room microphones & camera functionality

Take time to view our FAQ and TipsLink opens in a new window

What does MS Teams Enhanced AV do?

This solution allows the use of the MS Teams Video Camera, with an additional audience camera to pick up video for both audience members and presenters.

Ceiling microphones are provided in addition to lapel microphones, this allows audio to be picked up for anyone within the room (regardless of who may be wearing a microphone) and allow them to be heard in various virtual meeting spaces.

Ceiling microphones work in conjunction with the lapel microphones within the room. Best practise is for any presenter to use the lapel microphones available for better quality audio.

There is option to mute the ceiling microphones within the lectern touch panel should students or presenters have privacy concerns.

Where can I use MS Teams Enhanced AV on-site with Teams?

We'll roll out MS Teams Video Camera one room at a time in Centrally Timetabled Teaching Rooms.

Use the MS Teams Enhanced AV check box under the Facilities Search on our supported areas page to see a list of suitably equipped rooms. You can also specify other criteria that are important to your teaching to further filter the list.

You will find this technology reflected on the Centrally Timetabling Booking system as:

  Important Information

Please be aware of what remote participants can see through the camera. The touch panel on the lectern can be used to adjust the viewing angle of the camera during the meeting if you need to move or show a different area.

It is also possible to share video content via:

  • Screen Sharing
  • Document Camera/Visualiser

These options can be selected during a meeting by specifying the content you wish to share, or by changing the camera within device settings to "Wolfvision Video Capture II" to switch to the Document Camera.

This same camera & camera pre-sets are available for use with Echo 360 Lecture Capture should you wish to record video of a presenter or video of a physical whiteboard or blackboard.

The MS Teams Video Camera can be seen in the virtual meeting, on any scheduled lecture capture or recording, and in the physical room simultaneously.

See our Cleaning and Hygiene GuidanceLink opens in a new window for instruction on what to do before and after use of the PC & Touch Panel.

Best Practise

Microphone discipline is important and all in room personal devices must have their microphones and speakers on mute to avoid audio feedback from multiple personal devices that are joining a virtual room from the same physical space.

Keep ceiling microphones muted when not in use to reduce any background noise for virtual participants.

The room system provides all participants with two way audio (both the ability to be heard virtually and the ability to hear anyone in a virtual space) regardless of if they bring their personal device or wear a microphone.

It is advisable to have an assistant monitoring the virtual environment looking at teams chat and anyone raising their hand virtually to respond to questions.

How to use MS Teams Enhanced AV on-site with Teams?

Teams in teaching rooms works in the same way that it does when using it on a home or office Windows computer. The only difference is that you must choose the MS Teams Video Camera (in-room camera) rather than using the built-in camera on a laptop or a USB webcam for video.

  1. Switch the system on via the control touch panel on the lectern.
  2. Log in to the desktop PC with your IT username and password.
  3. As a presenter: Take the microphone out of the charging dock and ensure it is switched on and attached appropriately.
    As an audience member: the Ceiling microphones will pick up your audio (as long as they are not muted on the touch panel).
  4. Open Microsoft Teams.
  5. Open device settings.
    Click on three dots next to the profile icon in the top right corner, then Settings, then Devices. (You can also click on the settings cog before you join a meeting).
  6. Ensure "Shure P300" is selected for both Speaker & Microphone.
  7. Under the option for camera, select "321F-INOGENI 4KXUSB3" or "INOGENI SHARE2U". You should now see the view from the in room camera in a preview window.
  8. To change the angle of your view use the touch panel located on top of the lectern in the room. Press Camera Control in the bottom left corner of the touch panel. Use the pre-sets or the directional wheel to select your camera angle.
  9. You are now ready to join a Test Call to confirm your settings or Join your Meeting.

Should you have an issue with this see our Troubleshooting & Tips below or contact a member of the team.

Troubleshooting & Tips

Test call: You can make a Test Call on Teams to check if the MS Teams Video is picking up video of the room and your desired angle, and that the MS Teams Wireless Microphone is enabled, before you start or join a meeting.

No Video: Check that INOGENI is selected and that the camera is correctly configured within the settings menu. Check that video has not been turned off on the meeting tool bar.

No audio: Check the sound is not muted on the touch panel, PC or meeting toolbar. Ensure the PC system sound is also set to the correct device settings.

  1. Open the Control Panel on the PC from the search bar in the bottom left.
  2. Click on Sounds.
  3. Under the Playback Tab the default device should be set to "Shure P300 Echo Cancelling Speakerphone".
  4. Under the recording tab the default device should be set to "Shure P300 Echo Cancelling Speakerphone".
  5. Ensure the settings in Microsoft Teams also reflects these same device settings.


For support with AV equipment in rooms, please contact the Audio Visual team on 024 765 22463 

For support with Teaching with Teams, please see the IT Training Team pages.

For support with other aspects of teaching using classroom technologies, please contact the Academic Technology team via the online Help Desk.

If you feel like the technology in the room does not meet the standard you require, please contact our colleagues in Space Management. Please provide as much detail as possible to aid their response.