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How do I edit my form?

Once the FormsBuilder page has been created.The tools for editing the page are contained within the form itself and are on the left hand side of the page. On the right hand side is a window for viewing how your page looks as it is being constructed.

Once you have decided on the content of your form, FormsBuilder allows you to easily design and build your form to your requirements without the need to know html or other programming languages.

  1. Go to the Form you wish to edit.
  2. Select Edit > Edit formsbuilder page or Edit this form from the bottom of the form. The FormsBuilder editing screen will be displayed. A list of edit options will appear on the left hand side of the form.

    Forms - editing tools

    Before you create your form, you will see a Privacy statement and a Send Form button. As you build your form, the Send Form button will gradually move further down the page, so it eventually appears at the end of your form.
  3. Edit your Privacy statement (select the Privacy statement edit icon to the left of the label). The Privacy statement should inform people about what data you are collecting about them and what you intend to do with the data. More information about the Privacy Statement.
  4. The edit options are on the left hand side. Decide what questions you want to ask and find the appropriate tool for the question. Select the required options and follow the instructions on each individual edit screen to build your form. It doesn't matter what order you create the questions in as you can Re-order the elements to drag and drop them into the right order on the form.
  5. When you have completed the form, select the Done button to view the finished form. Some options will only work in the published view, eg; those with dynamic content.
  6. In order to define how your form then works, you will also need to edit the Form Properties. In order to do this, select the Form Properties link from the edit options on the left, under Modify the form section at the bottom of the list.

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