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Edit form properties

Edit the form properties to control how your form works and how submissions are returned. Note that form properties are specific to your form; they're different to page properties.

In this article:

Use the form properties to:

  • enable visitors to submit the form once or multiple times
  • enable visitors to modify their latest submission
  • advise people if the form is closed
  • close the form after a specific number of submissions
  • close the form at a specific date and time
  • direct people to a web page after they complete the form
  • change the Send button label
  • choose what happens to the submissions i.e. when and to whom they are sent
  • allow file attachments to be sent with the form and in submission notifications
  • offer email receipts
  • include your own receipt message to the visitor

How to edit form properties

  1. Go to the page containing the form you wish to edit.
  2. Select Edit > Edit formsbuilder page. A list of edit options appears at the left-hand side.
  3. At the bottom of the edit options, select Form Properties. The Edit your form properties page appears:

    Edit your form properties

  4. Select one of the three radio buttons to control whether visitors can submit the form once or multiple times:

    • Users can submit multiple copies of this form
    • Logged in users can submit just one copy of this form, and can't change it later
    • Logged in users can submit just one copy of this form, but can change it later
  5. To close the form, select the checkbox This form is currently closed (users cannot submit the form). If you select this, visitors see the message entered in the text box What text should your users see when this form is closed? You can edit this message as necessary.
  6. Optionally, set the form to close after a particular number of submissions. To do this:

    • Select the checkbox Close form after the following number of submissions
    • Type a number in the text box beneath
  7. Optionally, set the form to close at a particular date and time:

    • Select the checkbox Close form on this date
    • Specify the date
    • Choose a time from the drop-down menu
  8. Optionally, specify your own web page to direct visitors to once they complete the form:

    • Select the checkbox Go to this URL after form is completed
    • Enter the URL in the text box e.g.
  9. At the bottom of the published form, the visitors see a button labelled Send form by default. To change this, type your own label in the Send button caption text box.


Note: HTTPS (HTTP Secure) forms do not send notifications containing submission data regardless of the form properties you specify for email notifications. This is by design, as email is inherently insecure.
  1. To send notifications of new submissions e.g. to the relevant staff members, enter each recipient's email address in the Emails text box, one per line.
  2. Type a subject in the Email subject line that will make sense to the recipients e.g. ITS101 survey response.
  3. Specify when notifications should be sent to the recipients by selecting any of the following checkboxes:

    • Email me completed forms as soon as they are submitted
    • Once a day
    • Once a week
    • Once a month
    • When the form is closed
  4. Specify whether notifications include the attachments visitors submitted via the form by selecting the checkbox Include files attached to the form.
  5. If you want to send an automated email receipt to the person who submitted the form, in From this address leave the default email as
  6. Optionally, set the properties for email receipts to visitors:

    • For all visitors: to include custom text in the email receipt, type your message in the text box What text should your users see when they've received their email receipts? After submitting a form, visitors choose whether they want to receive an email or not.
    • For Warwick members: specify whether they should receive receipts automatically or not using the checkbox Automatically send email receipts to logged-in users.
  7. When you have finished editing the form properties, select the Publish button at the top right of the screen.
  8. Select the Done button to view the published form.

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