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First Year Undergraduates: 'the story so far'

How do our first year undergraduates think and engage with learning which is not exam oriented? Many academics feel that undergraduates are uncertain of how to make use of the resources on offer to them and instead prefer content to be delivered in bite-size chunks. As Nick puts it, 'Students are very smart people however we might need to be aware of certain things about their educational journey to date in our efforts to get the best from them'.

Led by Nick Barker (Department of Chemistry), this session will encourage you to explore undergraduates' educational experiences to date and challenge our understanding of:

  • students' background and expectations
  • their attitude towards learning
  • our role in facilitating their learning
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This event aims to explore the myths around our students and enable them to learn better. It has been specifically organised for academic and research staff with teaching responsibilities.

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