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Research for the Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is an independent research project, however independent does not mean alone, and there is a lot of support available not just at school but online and at university libraries.

  • Discover resources available to you at the Library

  • Plan your visit to the Library

  • Email us a question at Library at warwick dot ac dot uk

  • Ask your teacher to arrange a workshop with us

Where to look for information

Google and Wikipedia should only be used to get a basic overview of your topic.

Once you are ready to start your research look at what resources are available to you at the library or try the following sources for journal articles online:


A journal is a collection of articles written about a certain subject, a bit like a magazine. Journal articles are good sources of information as they are written by experts.

Unfortunately not all journals are free of charge. You can access free or 'open access' articles using the links above.


When using the information you find, always makes sure you reference. For help with referencing check out the sites in the 'research skills' section.

How to search

  • Think carefully about the words you use to search for information
    • Don't enter your full essay question into the search bar, rather think what the most important words are
  • Using synonyms will help you find more material
    • For example searching for 'Drama' and 'Theatre' will give you different results
  • To search for a phrase use quotation marks e.g. "climate change"

Research skills

Sheffield University and Newcastle University have produced a great range of tutorials, videos and games to improve your research skills.