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Grant Agreement for Erasmus+

Complete and upload to your eVision portal, before you go on placement

Please note that Erasmus+ Grant Agreement:

  • Once uploaded it will be checked and the Student Mobility Manager's signature added.
  • The form MUST be hand signed and a jpeg copy uploaded: typed signatures, or signatures created in Paint etc. cannot be accepted.
  • If you are a language assistant and you haven't been allocated your school(s) yet put "British Council" as the host institution.
  • For the subject area and code field please choose from the list on the second tab of the EU Codes Table and Subject area code_ISCED-F table
  • Erasmus+ student charter - annexe III of grant agreement: read carefully and upload a copy to e-Vision to confirm that you have read this document.


ERASMUS+ Grant Payments Schedule

Erasmus+ Grant Rates

Grant Agreement